Why are prophets not chosen by people?

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Why are prophets not chosen by people?
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The issue of prophethood, nubuwwah is included in Sam’iyyat, that is a section in Kalam (theology) achieved by means of narration. Since the religion was notified to people by prophets, it is built on the institution of prophethood. The issue of prophethood, which was not mentioned very much in the books of the first period of Kalam, began to be a subject matter afterwards as the result of internal and external factors.

The need for the institution of prophethood is very clear. For, a perfect belief in Allah is possible only with their guidance. It is impossible to find the truths with the mind alone and without revelation. The best example to this is that the Prophet Abraham tried to find Allah with his mind. The Prophet Abraham, who first thought stars, the moon and the sun as the god, turned towards the Sustainer of the worlds only by means of the sun of guidance that entered his heart.

Human progress has been made by prophets. If it had not been for prophets, mankind could not have built a civilization, started a regular life, and made progress in sciences. Therefore, prophets drew the limits of the sciences with their miracles. Hence, each prophet is accepted as a master in various branches of art.

The faculties of man, who cannot be limited naturally, like rage, animal appetites and reason were  restricted by the laws that prophets brought. Man achieved wisdom (hikma) in the power of reason, courage in the power of anger, and chastity in the power of animal appetites through prophets; and he achieved the pleasure of being human in the triangle of wisdom, chastity and courage thanks to them.

Even if man can come to the conclusion that there is a creator, he can learn how to worship and serve Him only through prophets. Therefore, the boundaries of rewards (thawabs) and sins are drawn by prophets, and the ways to happiness and misery are shown by them. Ahl al Sunnah accepts Allah’s sending prophets as His mercy, grace and favor. Allah addressed  people through prophets that He chose among them. Prophets conveyed the Divine Word to people, and taught the ways of knowledge to them. Therefore, If it had not been for prophets, people could not know Allah adequately.

Prophethood is not a rank attained by request and hard work; nobody can be a prophet by being chosen or appointed by people, or by requesting and endeavoring.  For, as it was proved by many evidences, prophethood occur by Allah’s choosing one among His servants.

Definitely, it cannot be appropriate to enable people to choose those who represent the superior rank of prophethood. Only Allah can choose the ones deserving and that rank.

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