What is the Incident of Saqifah? Where did it take place?

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Where did the Incident of Saqifah take place? What is the reason why some people have different views about it? Will you inform me?

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Immediately after the death of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), Ansar gathered in a place called Thaqifah of Sons of Saidah and wanted to choose Sa'd b. Ubada as the Caliph. However, there were different views among them regarding the issue.

While the discussions about the issue were going on, Hz. Abu Bakr arrived there with Hz. Umar and Hz. Abu Ubayda. Hz. Abu Bakr began to speak and said that Muhajirs were also mentioned with praise in the Quran along with Ansar. However, he said that Arabs would not obey anyone except Qurayshis in this regard and wanted them to pay allegiance to either Abu Ubayda or Umar. However, both of them refused it and said that it was necessary to choose Hz. Abu Bakr as the Caliph.

All of the people who were there, primarily, Bashir b. Sa'd, Abu Ubayda and Hz. Umar, paid allegiance to Hz. Abu Bakr. Sa'd b. Ubada, Hz Ali, who was not there, and some other Hashimis paid allegiance to him afterwards. Hz. Abu Bakr ascended the pulpit three times with intervals and said each time that he did not want to accept this duty and wanted the Muslims to choose somebody else as the caliph but they insisted.

Thus, Hz. Abu Bakr was chosen as the caliph.


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