Why do angels present our deeds to Allah?

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How could we understand angels presenting our deeds to Allah on Mondays and Thursdays although He has the knowledge of everything?

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According to what is understood from different narrations, deeds of humans are presented to Allah in three different ways and at three different times.

1-) Daily presentation

Every day, the daily deeds are presented at the beginning of the following night, and deeds of the night are presented at the beginning of the following day. (Muslim, Iman, 293)

2-) Weekly presentation

Every week on Mondays and Thursdays, deeds of humans are presented to Allah. (Muslim, Birr, 36; Nawadirul-Usul, 2/260)

3-) Annual presentation

Yearly deeds are presented in the month of Shaban (Musnad, 5/201; Nasai, Sawm, 70)

Some of the wise reasons of the presentation of deeds to Allah at these different time periods can be listed as follows:

a) Even though Allah knows everything, He virtually appoints His angels as eyewitnesses by making them write and record these daily, weekly and yearly deeds so that His justice will be seen by his slaves clearly.

Angels' writing and presenting is an issue related to the unknown, but since it is mentioned in the verses of Qur'an and sound hadiths, which is certain knowledge for believers, it is no longer regarded as an issue related to the unknown.  The believers believe in it as if they have seen with their eyes.

b) The existence of Friday, the month of Ramadan, Laylatul-Qadr (Night of Power) and other important nights encourage people to do righteous deeds; since we are informed that our deeds are presented every day, every week and every year, we (slaves) are asked to be more careful while performing our deeds of worship.

c) Although Allah knows everything, he decides based on the written deeds of His slaves on the Day of Judgement for the manifestation of justice; these recordings inworld are also written so that the great book in which all deeds will be collected will be completed there.
When the deeds are calculated on the Day of Judgement, the slaves of Allah will also see their seeds in those records in a way that they cannot oppose.

d) The existence of the information that deeds will be presented to Allah will discipline people in two ways:

Firstly, their enthusiasm to do good deeds will increase.

Secondly, the feeling of shame due to bad deeds will increased because they are presented to Allah.

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