Is it permissible for me to fast consecutively to compensate that I missed?

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Can I fast many days consecutively to make up for my past days that I missed while I was pregnant/menstruating or must it be on specific days of the week only, such as Mondays and Thursdays?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Performing fard (compulsory) wajib (obligatory) fasts on Fridays and Saturdays as single days is not makrooh (abominable). That is why, there is no drawback for the ones who have skipped fasting or who has offerings to practice fasting in any day of the week of their choice.  

Furthermore, if the eves of eids or the days of the one of the five holy nights happen to be on Friday or Saturday, it is not be abominable to practice fasting on those days. As it is stated in the Hadith “There is no drawback if one of you is practicing the fast that he is accustomed to.We understand that if those who practice fasting on the days of five holy nights can practice their fasting even if the holy nights are on Fridays. (Naylu'l Awtar, 4, 249; İslam Fıkhı Ansiklopedisi, Wahba Zuhayli, v.3, p. 124)
However, fasting within the week only on Friday and Saturday for those who are not accustomed to practicing fard and wajib fasts on eves of eids or the days of holy nights is tanzihan makrooh (somewhat disliked). The hadiths stating the facts on the matter are below: 

Friday is a day of feast; do not turn your day of feast into day of fast.” (Musnad, 2:303)

Except the compulsory fast, do not practice fasting on Saturday” (Ibn Majah, Siyam: 38)

Saturdays and Sundays are days of feast for polytheists, I would like to oppose them.” (Nasai, Jumu’a: 1)

Among the nights do not assign only Friday night for praying; again, among the days, do not assign only Friday for fasting. However, if any of you is practicing the fast he is accustomed to, then it is an exception.” (Naylu'l Awtar, 4, 249; İslam Fıkhı Ansiklopedisi, Wahba Zuhayli, v.3, p. 124)

Those hadiths only advise not to practice fasting on Fridays and Saturdays. However practicing your fast on those days, in other words, practicing your fast on Fridays and Saturdays is tanzihan makrooh. It is not tahriman makrooh (strictly abominable).   

However, on those days, by performing fasting adding one day before or one day after to that day you can simply prevent it from being abominable. If one wants to practice his fasting on Friday, he should start practicing his fasting on Thursday or he should continue his practice on Saturday as well. Again, if someone wants to practice his fasting on Saturday he should add either Friday or Sunday to his practice. Fiqh scholars explain that matter as it is mentioned above:

If the one practices his fasting on Sunday without showing respect to that day, because it will be easier to practice his fasting on Sunday since its holiday, there is no drawback to that practice. However practicing fasting on Sunday considering it as a respectable day is inappropriate.

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