Why is the December 21, 2012 so exaggerated?

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What does Islam say about the day of December 12/2012, which some say it may be the Last Day?
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Why is the December 21, 2012 so exaggerated?

Nobody but Allah has the knowledge about when the doomsday is going to occur. Maybe it is tomorrow or perhaps closer than tomorrow. Seen in this light, all the claims in question are just fantastic fiction or figment. They are not based on any sound proof at all. In the past, the rumor that a comet would strike our planet spread and some people left their homes and waited outside. We should not take those claims into consideration so much.

Can you give information about the time of the doomsday?

Jafr and Abjad reckoning is a branch of science. It is used in order to understand some secrets and decode some codes that Allah set for the past and future. However, it does not mean to know the unseen (ghaib). It is merely to know how to read it. The person who does not know Chinese language assumes he is looking at a picture. Nonetheless, those having the knowledge of that language can work out many meanings out of it.

Jafr and Abjad reckoning is the art of learning and interpreting some codes that God did set for the past and future.

Hazrat Ali got the essence of this branch of science from our Prophet (pbuh). Therefore, the source of this science is based on revelation. Hazrat Ali assessed those secrets with some rules and formulas. It has been said that those formulas and secrets that Sayyid ancestry is said to have known very well will be known perfectly by Mahdi who was announced to come at the end of the time as glad tidings. (Katip Çelebi, Keşfuzzunun, İlmu Cifir Maddesi)

There are some explanations that knowledge of this science was held by some Jews. For instance, when the verse “alif lam mim” was read out, the Jews claimed the life-span of the umma of Muhammad would be short but they had to keep quiet when our Prophet recited some other verses. Another example is the statement “baldatun tayyibatun” in the Quran. When that phrase is calculated in terms of abjad reckoning, the conquest of Istanbul is concluded. (İsmail Hekimoğlu, Yeni Ansiklopedi, Ebced Maddesi)

The science interpreting the secrets coded within the Quran and Hadiths  is called the Abjad and Jafr reckoning.

For more explanations and examples with regard to this issue, it can be referred to the work entitled Kudsi Kaynaklar prepared by Abdulkadir Badıllı and published by Envar Publications.

The knowledge of Allah embraces all of the happenings from the beginning of the world to the farthest limits of the end of time, times and places. Nothing can be out of the limits of His Knowledge nor can be concealed from Him.

Only Allah knows the unseen occurrences that have not come into existence yet. Nobody but He knows the unseen. There are Five Hidden Things and they can only be known by Allah. 1. The face of baby different from all other human beings in his mother’s womb and his spiritual-talent face. 2. The rainfall time that is still in the scope of the unseen and the signs of which are not apparent yet. 3. What a human being will gain and lose tomorrow 4. When, where and how a person is going to die. 5. When the doomsday is going to occur.

The scholars of Islam considered it forbidden to make any prediction for the unseen so as not to desecrate and be disrespectful to the law “nobody but Allah knows the unseen.” Those giving notice of it did so only in a curtained and unopened way in a form of signal.

The science used to tell something from the future is the Jafr and Abjad reckoning. Each Arabic letter has a certain numerical value. That Abjad reckoning was known before Islam, too. Badiuzzaman confirms that truth by the following story. When some scholars of the sons of Israel heard about the letters ‘alif-lâm-mim’ at the beginning of some verses in the presence of our Prophet, they said relying on the Jafr reckoning: Oh Muhammad. The lifespan of your umma is very short. He said to them. “No, it is not. He recited some other letters at the beginnings of the other verses and declared “They still have time.” And then they kept silent.

The Qasidah al-Jaljalutiya by Hazrat Ali was compiled from the beginning to the end based on a kind of Abjad and Jafr reckoning. Moreover, the people like Jafar-i Sadiq  and  Muhyiddin-i Arabi working on the unseen secrets and the letter science accepted this Abjad reckoning as an unseen law and a key. (Rays: Şualar p 613)

As is seen, Badiuzzaman Said Nursi analyses a hadith telling us about the end of time and Doomsday with abjad and jafr reckoning and concludes some dates. “La tazalu taifatun min ummati zahirina ala’l-haqqi hatta ya’tiyallahu bi amrihi ”, which means “ a group from my nation is going to come and be victorious upon true path until the order of Allah arrives (until the doomsday comes).

La tazalu taifatun min ummati.” The numerical value according to the abjad and jafr reckoning is Rumi Calendar 1506 (Gregorian calendar 2090)

Hatta ya’tiyallahu bi amrihi.” Rumi Calendar 1545 (Gregorian calendar 2129)

While thinking about how long the lifespan of students of Risale-i Nur would last, Badiuzzaman Said Nursi said, all of a sudden at the second hour of the tenth day of Ramadan, a hadith had been inspired to his heart. According to that hadith, until Rumi calendar 1506 (Gregorian calendar 2090), religious activities would be carried out obviously, openly and even victoriously and then, till the date 1542 (Gregorian calendar 2126), the guidance and illumination mission would keep on going secretly and in a defeated way. He said that the doomsday would break forth over the unbelievers in Gregorian calendar 2129 and that the knowledge of it was held only by Allah and the truth could be known merely by Allah.

It is very significant that the clause “Allazina an’amta alayhimdescribing those being on the straight path in Sura al-Fatiha makes 1506 or 1507 without shadda (a sign written above a consonant (in the Arabic alphabet) to show that it is doubled) and thus it is equal to the numerical value of the part “zahirina ala’l-haqqi”. And it confirms the implication of the hadith. Hence, it is understood that the students of Risale-i Nur are going to be a well-accepted group amongst Ahl al-Sunnah wa'l-Community at the end of time. 

Besides the implied signs of the Quran and Hadiths regarding the doomsday, the scholars also make some calculations. The comet Halley revolving around an orbit connected to the solar system and passes nearest to the earth at each 76 years passed very close to our globe latest at the early years of 1980. At the next pass, its striking to our sphere with the permission of Allah may give rise to occurrence of the Doomsday. It is even said that a comet called “Swift Tuttle” three miles in diameter is approaching our earth at a speed thirty-seven miles per second and will bump into the world on August 14, 2126 causing an effect greater than that of one million atom bomb. All of those mentioned above are just approximate estimates. Allah knows the best.

I came in the afternoon period of the humanity” our Prophet (pbuh) says. In another hadith, he is reported to have said “the lifespan of my nation will not be longer than 1500 years.”

The doomsday is the destruction of the universe and its death, which will be followed by a resurrection. Our passing away is our doomsday. Making some preparations for the Infinity Land prior to the breaking forth of the doomsday and complying with the orders and prohibitions of Allah and thus leading a life on true path are the best things that we can do.

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