When and how will the Doomsday take place?

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When will "the day of Judgment" come?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

I will dare to make a guess about the date of Doomsday although it exceeds my authority to say “The doomsday will come at such and such a date.” Of course, no one can be sure of what will become of one the next day. However, when death draws nearer, you feel it. The Creator says that He wills to keep doomsday, which is becoming evident as it draws nearer, a secret and says “My design is to keep it hidden.”(1) And when it draws nearer and nearer, you begin to say that it is about to happen and your prediction gets nearer to the truth.

Allah warns us as follows: “They ask thee about the (final) Hour - when will be its appointed time? Say: The knowledge thereof is with my Lord (alone): None but He can reveal as to when it will occur. Heavy were its burden through the heavens and the earth. Only, all of a sudden will it come to you." (2) “Verily the knowledge of the Hour is with Allah (alone). Nor does anyone know what it is that he will earn on the morrow.” (3) “The (Judgment) ever approaching draws nigh.” (4) “And will ye laugh and not weep, wasting your time in vanities.” (5)

I dreamed of the world coming to the end on the night of 26th October 1992. When I understood that the Hour had come, I ran through the streets; I grasped everyone I encountered from arms and told them that we should prepare for the Hereafter. Whomever I grasped escaped before I finished my words. While I was running with the pain of not expressing myself, the downfall began and I retired to a corner and watched death.

The Earth was shaken with waves; flames gushed out of the cracked and scattered ground. I was afraid of the masses of rock, mount and flames that would fall onto me. I fell on my knees and prayed: “Oh Allah, do not make me suffer pain!”

 I lost my body in the darkness. Then I opened my eyes on the burnt-up debris; I was going somewhere. I was feeling sorry saying “Why did we not heed and understand?” The moment I turned my head and saw the ground as black and the heavens as dark, I woke up.

The next morning I went to my work in the TBMM (Turkish Grand National Assembly) Commission of Investigation. Holding in one of my hand the daily newspaper, in the other my tea, I was trying to interpret my dream. I opened one of the pages of the newspaper randomly. My eyes were caught by the heading: “The date of the doomsday is found.” I got exited and shuddered. The news was as follows: “The doomsday everybody expected was finally disclosed: 14th August 2126. The famous astronomer Duncan Stell, from the British-Australian Observatory, stated that a comet with a width of three miles named Swift Tuttle is heading for us with a speed of 37 miles per second and at the reckoned time it will crash the Earth causing an explosion more destructive than a million nuclear bombs.” (6)

I was affected by the news after my dream and made studies about the date of the doomsday. I heard that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: “The life span of my community will exceed a thousand years, but it will not exceed much one and a half thousand years.” (7) And I saw that it was inferred from a hadith that was evaluated with the reckoning of ‘abjad’ that the year 1545 of the Hegira (2120 CE) might be the year of doomsday. (8). When I gathered other dates like that together, I saw that an interesting similarity between the dates pointed nearly to the same years.

Nine years after this dream, I wanted to write a book about Doomsday and gathered data. (9). I asked one of the authorities of the subject, Prof. Brian G. Marsden, about the developments concerning Swift Tuttle. The e-mail answer of Prof. Marsden dated 17 April 2001 was as follows: “If it were to collide with the Earth during its next crossing, it would happen on 14th August 2126. The comet makes delay with its each crossing. According to the precise reckonings done taking into consideration the observations of the Chinese in the years 68 BC and 188 AD, it was understood that the possibility of a collision at that time is very small.” I asked Prof. Marsden whether there was any possibility of collision in the year 2120. He wrote: “If there is any chance of collision at that time, it may happen with a heavenly body we do not know of yet.”

So the possibility of unknown meteors drawing nearer to the Earth was high. According to the scientists in NASA, the meteor called 2004 MN4 that was discovered in June 2004 and that was 400 meters in diameter might crash the Earth with a possibility of one out of three hundred on 13 April 2029. (10) The closer the meteor gets, the higher the possibility of collision; the possibility reckoned recently is one out of thirty-eight. (11)… How many pieces of news like that will we read; without even taking it seriously at all…

Will there actually be flood after the year 2100? Will natural disorders happen one after another until Doomsday after the fifty-seventy years ahead of us? When will the calamity befall our earth? Every watchful conscience will find its answer.

When the star Neutron, which is fifty thousand years of light away from us, exploded in 2004, the energy issued, in just one second, can only be given off by our sun in one million years. According to the scientists, if that explosion had happened ten light-years nearer to our world, much of the life on earth would have vanished. (12). From now on, the news of doomsday will blow like winds that herald the impending storm. Finally, the real storm will befall us all of a sudden and unexpected. (13).

In the headline of German newspaper ‘Bild’, scientists were warning people against doomsday. One of those scientists, Prof. Sir David King talked to BBC: “If this downfall of the world does not gain momentum, there remain sixty years for us to live peacefully.” (14). Moreover, according to the Washington Worldwatch Institution, there is no world for the generations after our grandchildren. (15). In other words, they mean to say that it is too late.

Shall we fear that the years when our world will no longer go on are about to come and abandon all efforts? On the contrary, the way to deserve eternity passes through efforts to repair and to leave good memoirs. The knowledge of doomsday should lead us to working hard and to good deeds.

The Destruction of the Universe

How will the catastrophe take place? Will it affect only the world and the solar system; or will it cover the entire Universe? Will the doom of the world and that of the solar system and the universe happen at the same time?

Do they then only wait for the Hour, - that it should come on them of a sudden? But already have come some tokens thereof, and when it (actually) is on them, how can they benefit then by their admonition?” (16). “The Hour will certainly come: Therein is no doubt: Yet most men believe not.” (17)

To Allah belongeth the Mystery of the heavens and the earth. And the Decision of the Hour (of Judgment) is as the twinkling of an eye, or even quicker: for Allah hath power over all things.” (18). Just like the Creator creates the universe all of a sudden, He also starts the doom all of a sudden. Everything that seems to be going all right suddenly turns upside down.

The dangers against our world are increasing more and more. Recently, a meteor has passed our world at close range. (19) Could the scientist disclose it to the public if they were sure that a meteor is going to crash our world? Mihail Smirnov made the announcement: “No meteor is going to crash the Earth in 175 years.” He thinks “The mankind will have already found the way to destroy meteors by that time.” (20)

According to a research published in the magazine Science, it was ‘discovered’ that a meteor of one kilometer width is going to crash the Earth on 16th March 2880. The scientists believe that they will develop the technology to change the direction of the meteor until that time. Moreover, Jon D. Giorgini, from the Jet Propulsion Laboratories says he is not worried because he thinks they will benefit from the time they have and find a solution. (21) Always the same trick and deception…

Meteors are just the pretext of it. The Divine Power that starts the downfall of the Universe will flow into the Universe through the breath of the angel Israfil. If the energy that spreads from the trumpet of Israfil upsets the energy balance of the Universe, the system will begin to fall apart. Unbalance reaches every atom; the Universe begins to fall down with its galaxies and layers of heavens. That day the trumpet is blown; “The Trumpet will be blown, and so all who are in the heavens and all who are on the earth will fall dead, except those whom God wills to exempt.” (22)

The Universe is expanding like a rubber cloth that is pulled from each side; every entity grows distant from one another from the atom to galaxies. Scientists say that it may be because of the hidden dark energy present in the Universe. (23) If the Universe is under the control of a hidden energy tens of times greater than it, you can imagine the outcomes of its going backwards.

Whether it is veiled with a cause that is either impending or created suddenly or it is triggered without a cause, the process of collapsing will cover the Earth. Whether a meteor crashes or the energy balance of the Universe is upset or the solar and galactic systems fall down; no matter how, the doom will start.

Imagine what will happen if Allah takes away the power He sends out of the unknown source of the heavens and the earth to electrons. All the wheels of the clock of the universe will break off; the components of the machine of substance will spring from their places like a watch spring. An untold lack of control and order will be experienced followed by a fading out and perishing like foam.

The death of the world is awesome: “When the earthquakes with a violent quaking destined for it, And the earth yields up its burdens…” (24) “When the earth is shaken with a violent shock; And the mountains are shattered and crumble; So they become dust scattered…” (25) That day the earth and mountains will quake; mountains will turn into piles of molten sand!

Death spreads all over the universe. “When the stars are effaced, And when the sky is rent asunder, (27) When the heaven is cleft open; And when the stars fall in disorder and are scattered…(28) The sky will cleft open thereby. His promise (of Resurrection and Judgment) is certainly to be fulfilled.” (29) “When the eyesight is confounded (through fear), when the eyesight is confounded (through fear), and the sun and the moon are joined together, On that Day human will say: "Where is the escape?" (30)

We would fall into darkness if a veil was put between us and the sun. If the Creator halts the reflection of His light and power for just a second, the universe will turn to nothing at this moment. We think up scenarios of doomsday in vain.

The return to non-existence

When doomsday comes, there will be only apathetic and insensitive people living on earth who will be interested only in their material desires. Although they will be seeing all the signs, they will still be reckoning that they will somehow get rescued; they will amuse themselves and continue their disobedience.

They will be shaken by such an uproar of quake that many hearts will burst within breasts. The brain veins of many will thereby split up. Imagine flames that stretch from the horizon to the moon blowing towards you. Seas are pouring down on you just like coming up from heavens. Mountains are torn from their basis; the ground collapses; you watch the earth turning upside down. The ground and the heavens are crying out death.

At the time of the doom, the angels, jinni, devils and souls are weak and desperate, bewildered and shuddered. Since its birth, the universe had not experienced such an unbelievable terror. “O humankind! Keep from disobedience to your Lord in reverence for Him and piety and get under His protection. (Never forget that) the violent convulsion of the Last Hour is an awesome thing.” (31)

Every living being will experience the terror of doomsday. People continue to see events with the eye of soul after they die. The collapse will take place in the presence of the souls that are in the intermediate world of grave. The world of grave will also be scattered. This is mixed with the terror of the ones who expect hell and with the joys of the ones who hope the paradise.

They bring the ones sentenced to death at night to the gallows or to the place of execution… They crown the leaders that succeeded in being selected in big ceremonies… That day everybody feels what will become of them soon. Everything will be evident in the presence of everybody; the biggest questioning of the history will presently take place.

The commandment “The Day when We will roll up heaven as written scrolls are rolled up” (32) will take place. The material of the universe collapses and the systems are scattered. The collapse of the galaxies is followed by the closure of the heavenly layers. Souls and angels also fade away one after another and the final judgment of the verse “Everything is perishable (and so perishing) except His "Face" (His eternal Self and what is done in seeking His good pleasure).” (33) comes true.

The doom has taken place. Time finishes and there remains no entity except Allah. From then on, everything is in the knowledge of only Allah. The last page of a wonderful novel was lived and sent to history. Everything with body and material perished like foam; the universe melted like wax and vanished.


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Quoted from the author's book "Sonsuzluk Yolculuğu" (The Journey to Eternity)...

Muhammed Bozdağ (Dr.)

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