Why are prophets and divine books not sent anymore? Why is the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) the last prophet?

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About 124.000 prophets were sent up to now and our Lord will not send any other prophets from now on. Why did prophethood end? (Actually it was a question that I was asked; I could not answer it when I was asked but the answer came to my mind while I was writing to you. "Has the religion (Islam) been completed?"
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Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) brought the religion of Islam, which is the last heavenly religion, whose decree will be valid until the Day of Judgment and whose call addresses the whole humanity; there will be no religion and shari'ah after it; therefore, he is the last prophet. No messengers and prophets will come after him. As it is known, everything has a beginning and an end in this realm. The institution of prophethood started with Hz. Adam and ended with Hz. Muhammad (pbuh), the Seal of the Prophets.  

God Almighty gave Hz. Muhammad, who is the perfect prophet, the perfect heavenly book and perfected the institution of prophethood with the Seal of the Prophets. No prophets will come until the Day of Judgment.   

It is stated in the chapter of al-Ahzab that Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) is the Seal of the Prophets as follows: 

“Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but (he is) the Messenger of Allah, and the Seal of the Prophets: and Allah has full knowledge of all things.“

With the prophethood of Hz. Muhammad (pbuh), humanity reached the utmost point in terms of religion. Humanity must not wait for any other prophets and must follow the light of Muhammad. Allah knows everything very well. He knows and hears everything. Therefore, he orders these decrees. (Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır, Hak Dini Kur'an Dili Tefsiri)

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