Why didn't Allah sent Quran at first??

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I mean to say, what could be the possible reason about sending Quran at last?? If Quran was sent at first then there would not be any confusion about Islam with Jews and Christianity.

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Dear Brother / Sister,

The highest level of knowledge is given at university; can we say it should be given to elementary school children, too? Humanity is like an educational institution. Every era is like a department of this school. The teachers of those departments are prophets. Humanity has reached the level of university and has developed the ability to receive the perfect lessons of Islam by receiving lessons from the teachers of humanity since Adam. Therefore, the last and perfect religion came in the end. In elementary school, the essence of mathematics is present. However, it is taught according to the level of elementary school children and the teacher teaches them what they can understand not everything that he/she knows.

The other prophets taught humanity according to its level and educated it. When they attained the sufficient level, the religion of Islam and its lofty prophet was sent. There is no trial and error here. Books and shari'as were sent wisely based on the level of nations.

Everything is the best in the environment it exists. However, generally there is something which is the best and the most beautiful among all things.

For example, in the Holy Qur’an, it is expressed that man was created in the best of moulds. Accordingly, were the other things created deficiently? No. They are the most beautiful creatures in their own environments, too.

As an example, the Sun is the most beautiful in its own environment. In other words, none of the people could live if the Sun did not exist. However, man is the most beautiful in general, and the Sun is the most beautiful in point of its existence, and in point of the mission it performs. We can give more examples. Sheep, earth, fruit trees, angels, etc are the most beautiful and the most perfect creatures in their own environments.

In this case, the fact that man is the most perfect does not mean that other creatures are not perfect or that they are created deficiently.

No other sheep more perfect than those existing sheep can be conceived. No camels more beautiful than those camels or no sun more beautiful than the Sun can be imagined. In the same way, the Holy books revealed were the most perfect books which were to be sent at those times.

Teaching a primary school student the multiplication table is neither extra nor insufficient. However, not the multiplication table but more advanced topics are taught to a university student. Similarly, the holy books sent before the Qur’an are the best of their times and sending them at those times is reasonable and it is not a deficiency. From that standpoint, every prophet and every revelation sent to them is the best and the most favorable of its own time.

However, so to speak, the Qur’an was revealed when all men came to the same level like the students of a university who could take their lessons from a single book and from a single prophet.

Considering that the most advanced science is taught in universities, can we say the science taught in a university should be taught to primary school children? Humanity is also like an education institution. Every period is like the departments of that school and the lecturers of those departments are the prophets.

Since from the time of Adam (peace be upon him), humanity has come up to the level of university and achieved the ability to take the perfect lessons of the religion of Islam. Therefore, the last and the most perfect religion was left as the last. The essence of mathematics also exists in primary school. However, the lesson is taught in accordance with the level of primary school students and the teacher does not teach everything he knows but teaches the topics they can understand.

In the same way, the other prophets instructed the people according to their levels and educated them. In the end, when they reached the level of being educable from all aspects, the religion of Islam and the exalted Prophet (pbuh) were sent.

-Why did Allah let the Gospel and the Torah to be distorted although He has protected the Qur’an? Why did Allah let His own words be changed before?

1. Trusting in Allah for the things which we do not know their reasons (wisdom) demonstrates the perfection of our belief and our fidelity to our religion.

2. The things Allah has created on the earth are not the same as each other. He ties some of them to causes and creates some of them without any causes or means. For example, although every person comes from a mother and a father, He created Adam (pbuh) without a mother and a father, Jesus (pbuh) without a father and Eve without a mother. It means He sometimes acts out of general laws.

Moreover, with regards to laws, fire burns, the Moon does not split into two, trees do not walk and sticks do not transform into snakes. However, with the order and desire of Allah, Abraham (pbuh) was not burnt, the Moon was split into two, the tree walked by the Prophet’s (pbuh) order and the stick of Moses (pbuh) became a snake.

Moreover, while some prophets came and were killed by the communities they were sent to, Allah protected some of His prophets such as Moses, Abraham and Muhammad (pbuh).

The same situation can be valid for the books. Allah, who let the other books be changed, prevented the Noble Qur’an from being changed by His particular beneficence. For that reason, He indicated that the Qur’an is under His private protection. Allah, who prevented Abraham (pbuh) from burning in the fire, also protected the Qur’an from being changed.

Our souls and satans cannot ask why He did not prevent His other prophets from being killed but protected Abraham; they cannot express their opinion regarding the issue, either.

3. If Adam had not been expelled from Paradise, not so many people could have progressed. Seeds get out of storehouses and get into fields so that they become trees; similarly, human beings have descended to the field of Earth from the storehouse of Paradise so that they would progress like a tree.

In the same way, if the other books had not been changed, the revelation of the Qur’an would not have been in question, then. They had to be changed so that they would give rise to the revelation of the Qur’an. However, only the people who changed them are responsible for their alteration.

4. The status of the Prophet (pbuh) among the other prophets is apparent. He was sent as a mercy to all worlds and his prophethood does not pertain to a certain time and a certain period but comprises all times and periods. And he was sent to the human beings and the jinn. The other prophets are not like that.

So, the book of that prophet (pbuh) had to comprise all times and places. If that book had not had a seal that it was unalterable, men would also have changed that book. That seal has protected it.

5. No one can do anything against Allah if He does not let. Thus, He has shown it by protecting the Qur’an.

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