Where was the prophet Lot’s (PBUH) nation destroyed, in the city of Pompei of Italy or in the Dead Sea, which is known as the Lake of Lot?

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Where was the prophet Lot’s (PBUH) nation destroyed, in the city of Pompei of Italy or in the Dead Sea, which is known as the Lake of Lot?

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The Qur’anic expression of “Mutafikat” is the name of cities where the nation of Lot resided. (At-Taubah, 70; Al-Haaqqa, 9) These are five cities. It is narrated that four hundred thousand people lived in these places.

The place where this torment struck nowadays is called Bahr al-Mayyit (The Dead Sea) or The Lake of Lot.


The following explanations are given in the magazine called Bilim ve Teknik regarding the issue:

This event occurred 4000 years ago; that is, at the beginning of 2000 BC and according to estimates in the years of 1900 BC. The German author Werner Keller explains and mentions about the destruction of these two cities in detail in his book titled, “The Bible is right after all” based on archeological and geological research and investigations. This highly famous book of Keller has been translated into twenty-two languages and sold millions of copies!

According to the explanations of Keller, as being narrated by the Torah (and other divine books) and the detailed researches and diggings of American archeologists and geologists, the destructed locations of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are the surroundings of the valley of Siddim and the bottom part of the Lot Sea. It has also been understood by diggings that once there were extensive settlements in these locations.

The researchers were disappointed by failing to find the locations of Sodom and Gomorrah after digging with high hopes; and the possibility of finding the locations of these cities is out of question from now on; for, these cities are buried in the bowels of earth as it is explained below.

Keller explains this great destruction, which caused the horrific event, and the geological condition of the place before this destruction as follows:

A tongue like the place in the eastern part of the Lot Sea forms a peninsula and protrudes into the inner parts of the sea. Arabs named this part as al-Lisan that is “the tongue”. Here, there is a sharp but an invisible bend in the base of water that almost divides the lake into two parts. Though the base which is at the right part of the peninsula is 400 meters deep, the left part of it is amazingly shallow. With the measurements that have been made in the recent years, it has been understood that the depth of this place is hardly 15-20 meters. When a person travels at this lower part of the Lot Sea by a boat at a time when the sun rays reflect on water in the proper direction, he will come across with an amazing scene. Forest trees start to appear under the water a few miles over the shore. These are the trees that are preserved by the excessive salt of the lake.

The trunks of trees and their remains that are seen in green color must be very old. In the past, when the leaves of these trees became green and bloomed, it was possible that the prophet Lot (PBUH) used to graze his herd! In the past, this strange tongue of the Sea of Lot was the valley of Siddim.

The reason of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra is understood by the observations of geologists. American geologists firstly explained why the river bed of Jordan is so stiff. In fact, the Jordan River flows on a distance of 190 km river bed with a slope of 190 meters. This situation and the Lot Sea’s being lower than the sea level at 400 meters is caused by a great geological event that occurred in this region.

The Jordan River valley and the Sea of Lot is made up only a part of a crack or rift that passes by on this region of our planet earth. The condition and length of this crack on earth’s crust has recently been discovered. This crack starts from the slopes of Taurus Mountains to the south part of the south shores of the Lot Sea and stretches over the Arabian desert to the Aqaba Gulf and from there it passes by the Red Sea and ends in Africa. It is understood that in places where this long destruction goes on, there were strong volcanic activities. There are black basalts and lavas in places such as Galilee Mountains and at high parts of Jordan plateaus and Gulf of Aqaba.

It is possible that once there was a great collapse and a terrific earthquake that occurred along with explosions, thunderbolts, fires and natural gases and this resulted in the collapse of Siddim Valley as well as the cities such as Sodom and Gomorrah into the bowels of earth. The cracking and the collapsing of the earth’s crust caused the sleeping volcanoes to move freely. There are also extinct craters in the upper valley of Jordan; and in these places, there are large lava masses along with basalt masses on lime masses.

An interesting point is that though there is no mention about an earthquake in the Torah, Ahmed Cevdet Pasa, mentioned about an earthquake in his book titled Kısas-ı Enbiya that is, the History of Prophets. Ahmed Cevdet Pasa states the following:

“Lot, the son of Harran, who is the brother of Hazrat Abraham, passed with him from Babel to Damascus and he was sent to Sodom region. The inhabitants of this place were unbelievers and sinners. Their actions were lawless and they used to commit prostitution that had not been seen before in any nation. Hz. Lot invited them to the true path but they did not listen. He advised a lot but they did not accept. God Almighty pelted them with stones and destroyed their villages with an earthquake. He destructed them all. Only Lot and his family members survived by leaving that place at night.” (Ahmed Cevdet Pasa, Kısas-ı Enbiya, I. Cilt, Milli Eğitim Basımevi, Istanbul.)

The cities and the surroundings of Sodom and Gomorra became the victim of such a divine destruction; and after a huge disaster that occurred 4000 years ago, the cities of Sodom and Gomorra sank into the bowels of earth. (Bilim ve Teknik, Sodom ve Gomorra, Prof. Dr. Arif Akman, 152.)

(see. Mehmet Dikmen, Peygamberler Tarihi)

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