When does the time period for the evening prayer end?

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In some religious books, it is stated that the time period for the evening prayer (maghrib) ends when the time period for the night prayer (isha) starts while it is stated in others that it ends when the weather gets dark.
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They mean the same thing. That is, when the twilight disappears and the weather gets dark, the time for the night prayer starts. The information in both books is correct.  Thetime period for the evening prayer starts when the sun sets in the horizon fully and continues until the twilight disappears. 

The evidence for it is the following hadith:

"The time for the evening prayer is until the twilight disappears." (as-San'ani, I/106).

According to Abu Yusuf, Imam Muhammad, Hanbalis and the new view of Shafiis, twilight is the redness seen in the west horizon. For, Abdullah b. Umar said, "Twilight is redness." (as-San'ani, I/114)

According to Abu Hanifa, twilight is the whiteness that continues in the horizon after the redness. After this whiteness, the whiteness that will continue all the time appears. His evidence is the following hadith:

"The end of the period of time for the evening prayer is the time when the horizon darkens."(Zaylai, I/230)

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