What is the wisdom behind ghusl? Why is ghusl made?

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What is Allah's wish in our making ghusl? What is its purpose in terms of the hereafter?
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There are several material and spiritual benefits and wisdoms of making ghusl.  First of all, it is the order of Allah regarding certain states and it is fard. In addition, it makes us gain the thawab of sunnah, leading to the intercession of the Prophet (pbuh). Equal to those thawabs, ghusl becomes a means of being purified from the impurities of sins. In conclusion, ghusl is a special source of prosperity for us. 

Ghusl is a necessity in order to clean the body at certain intervals. With ghusl, all of the impurities of the body are eliminated; the body becomes clean. Thus, the body is cleaned from the microbes that threaten the health.  

If we act in accordance with rules of ghusl when we take a daily shower for cleanliness, we will get rid of impurities and transform our daily habit into worshipping. In that case, ghusl will clean our body from material impurities on the one hand and it will prepare us for worshipping on the other hand, gaining us the thawabs of worshipping.

Since ghusl also includes wudu, we will not need to make wudu again for worshipping.

Another wisdom behind making ghusl after certain processes like janabah or menstruation/puerperum is that ghusl gives man energy for life. The human body that becomes tired after menstruation or puerperum and that becomes slack and tired after sexual ejaculation and orgasm regains its energy after ghusl and gets rid of tiredness. The new process of cleanliness virtually opens a new page.

Another wisdom behind making ghusl is that it keeps the body fit, dynamic and lively. Human body, which is three-fourths water, gets rid of its tiredness when it touches water, starts the process of resting and gathers new liveliness and dynamism. Life virtually starts again with ghusl. The spirit and feelings of man come round. Man's spirit feels strong again for new achievements.

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