What is the source of the following hadith: Will you explain it? “He who performs the morning prayer is under the protection of Allah. If somebody harms such a person, Allah will throw him into Hell.”

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Ahmad b. Hanbal, Bazzar and Tabarani (al-Awsat) narrated the hadith. The narration is hasan. (See Majmauz-Zawaid, h. No: 1640)

The phrase “He who performs the morning prayer in congregation...” exists in Tabarani’s narration in al-Kabir. The narration is sound. (see ibid, h. no: 2155)

The importance of performing the morning prayer, especially in congregation, is emphasized in the hadith.

In fact, harming any believer means violating a person’s right, which has a great responsibility. A person is punished for it if he is not forgiven.

Since that truth is expressed in relation to the morning prayer, the importance of both the rights of people and prayer, especially prayer in congregation, is pointed out.

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