What should man do in order to get rid of heretic thoughts?

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What should man do in order to get rid of heretic thoughts?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

A scientist said,
“'Give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the world.”

We think every religious person should say,
“If I have enough belief in my heart, I will move the troubles that are as big as the earth.”

We regard it useful to show the levers in items without lengthening the word with philosophical aspects.

- First of all, it is necessary to diagnose the “heretic thought” well. Is it really a problem that emerges from our mind and brain? Or, are they the imaginations that pass through our mind? As it is known, a curse that is imagined but not uttered is not a real curse; and the imagination of unbelief is not unbelief. A snake in a glass bottle cannot bite us even if we touch the bottle; similarly, the snake of unbelief and heresy that is seen on the screen of imagination of a person will not bite that person.

- If we decide that the heretic thought in question is not an imagination but a real illness, it is necessary to find its source in order to be able to treat it.

- It can be said that the source of such doubts and heretic thought movements is ignorance. Then, it is necessary to treat it. Thousands of scholars who read Risale-i Nur Collection approve that Risale-i Nur Collection is the primary resource in this century related to belief and eliminating those doubts.

A person living in this century sees a doctor when he has flu; then, it is great heedlessness for him if he does not see a wise doctor due to the illness of heresy caused by various positivistic and materialistic philosophical movements. This doctor can be books or some people whose knowledge we rely on.

- It is necessary to pray Allah to be saved from doubts in addition to applying to spiritual doctors. Allah tests a person’s insistence and seriousness in order to assess his sincerity regarding the issue. Therefore, one should not hurry by saying, “I have not received a positive answer to my prayers and begging.”

- If this heresy is related to sins, not related to faith, its cure is to strengthen belief, to know that the result of a worldly pleasure of one minute is years of pangs of conscience and to remember frequently the reality of death, the transience of the world and the reckoning in the hereafter. To replace the bad environment with a good one, to repent to Allah and ask for forgiveness, to perform five daily prayers in time – and if possible in congregation – can be thought as a junction leading people to the true path from a wrong one.

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