What is the importance and wisdom of religious times for Allah?

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​- Why are times like the month of Ramadan, Friday, time of dawn and Night of Power important for Allah? What is the wisdom behind it?

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It is a clear fact that Allah does not need anything.

- However, He comes with His mercy and compassion to help His slaves who believe in this world of testing but who cannot get rid of the traps of Satan and the tricks of their souls. That He keeps the door of repentance open until the time of death is a manifestation of this mercy.

Similarly, His use of some periods of times and places as special occasions and as a trade market for the hereafter for accepting His slaves and forgiving them is a reflection of His infinite mercy.  

Yes, our Almighty Lord shows His compassion and mercy to His slaves through such occasions.

- There is no doubt that when a doctor prescribes some drugs for his patient, a host treats to his guests, a king helps his subjects, a teacher holds a special make-up exam though they do not need them, they do them to meet the needs of their addressees.  

When we look at the truth through the example of this window, we must not doubt that when Allah keeps those doors of opportunities wide open, He does so to meet the needs of His slaves not because He needs.

- There is no doubt that when those otherworldly seasons, which are cheap spiritual markets, and the places of spiritual fairs are determined, the holiness of those times and places were taken into consideration as a necessity of divine wisdom.   

For instance, the reason why the deeds of worship performed in the Kaaba, Masjid an-Nabawi and Masjid al-Aqsa gain man more thawabs than those in other places is their value in the eye of Allah.

Similarly, the time periods like Ramadan, Friday, some holy nights and time of dawn are known to be the times of special worshipping when a close relationship between Allah and His slaves is established.

For instance, that the Quran was sent down in the month of Ramadan, that slaves worship in congregation in Friday prayer and that they give up sleeping for Allah at the time of dawn are regarded as suitable by Allah for the divine mercy to come down on His slaves abundantly.

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