What is a husband's responsibility when his wife uncovers her hair?

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In Islam, what is husband's responsibility when his wife uncovers her hair either with him approving or not approving her decision? In either cases, how much the husband is responsible for his wife's decisions? What kind of actions does the husband need to take in order to help his wife to change her decision on uncovering?
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If the man consents to his wife's going out without headscarf, he is responsible, too. However, if his wife goes about without headscarf although he does not consent to, then the responsibility is on the woman. The man is not responsible for it.

If the woman does not follow the commands of the religion, her husband counsels her. He tries to encourage her to read books about the importance of covering oneself and the place it has in the religion and tries to get her to listen to good orators who are learned about the issue.

If she does not come to reason, although the man has tried; with the intention to save her eternal life, he should behave a little strictly toward her; and if she still does not change her attitude, he should keep away from her temporarily. If she does not settle down despite it, either, then his duty is fulfilled. From then on, the responsibility is on the woman. If the man does not apply those sanctions, but only counsels, again he is not responsible for the woman's sin. There is no obligation to apply sanctions in any case. The important thing is giving the necessary pieces of advice and warnings and not approving in heart of the woman's sin and not to consent to it.

There is no need to divorce such a woman. Especially after marrying and having children, it is bitter to apply to divorce. As it is permitted in Islam to marry a Christian or a Jewish woman-though not good-, it is by all means permitted to marry a sinful but believing woman. 

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