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Please define exactly Hadith-is it word for word Quote of the Holy Koran?
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The words or sayings of our Prophet.

Hadith means word or saying. It means the word, action or behavior that our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) approved through his blessed words, deeds and actions. In other words, hadith is the sunnah (the practices) of our Prophet. In addition, the branch of science that deals with hadiths is also called hadith.

Hadiths are the secondary source of Islam. Hadith is a science on its own but some of the concepts regarding hadith are given below:

Rawi: A person who reports the hadith to a person or people after him is called a rawi (narrator).

Sanad: The chain of narrators that is formed while the hadith is reported is called sanad. That is, the sanad of a hadith consists of the list of the narrators or reporters of that hadith or news coming from our Prophet (pbuh).  

Sanad with ‘an’ (from) wording: In the narration of the hadith, the list of the narrators reported as from……. , from……… and reaching the Prophet is called sanad with ‘an’ ‘an’ wording.

İsnad: When a hadith is reported from someone to another and lastly is attributed to our Prophet, it is called isnad. If hadiths are taken from strong and sound sources and attributed to our Prophet correctly, they are called sahih (sound) hadiths.

Mashhur hadith: A hadith which was an ahad (narrated by only one person) hadith during the first century of Hegira, and which became mashhur (well-known) because it was narrated by a community that is impossible to agree on a wrong news is called a mashhur hadith. 

Maqbul hadith: A mutawatir (reported by such a large number of people that they cannot be expected to agree upon a lie, all of them together), sahih, hasan (good) and sometimes daif (weak) hadith which is necessary to act accordingly.

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