What does it mean that “every human being is created in the natural state (fitrah) of Islam”?

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Why Islam is called "the religious of Fitrah"?
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Akhlaq is the plural form of the word 'khulq' and means morals, disposition, character, temperament, etc. It has a strong relation to fitrah and creation of the human being.

In the Qur'an, Rum Surah, it is stated: “So set your whole being upon the Religion (of Islam) as one of pure faith (free from unbelief, polytheism, and hypocrisy). This is the original pattern belonging to God on which He has originated humankind.” (The Qur'an, Ar-Rum Surah, 30:30)

In Shams Surah, too, certain creatures are sworn upon, one of which is the soul. In the seventh and eighth verses, “the human selfhood and that (All-Knowing, All-Powerful, and All-Wise One) Who has formed it to perfection; And Who has inspired it with the conscience of what is wrong and bad for it, and what is right and good for it...” are sworn upon. If this verse is juxtaposed to the saying of The Prophet that “Every child is born in a natural state (fitrah) of Islam.” such a truth springs forth: Then, if the human nature is closely contemplated, the source of good morals will be found.

Just as the human body is a divine art, his/her abilities and nature are also through Allah's ordering and ordaining, which is divine.

Accordingly, moving from the dictionary meaning, good morals remind us of properly utilizing those abilities existent in the creation of the human being. What is in question for those with bad morals is the misuse of that capital and potential.

The capacity to believe is embedded in the human creation. For man is capable of knowing that even a simple table cannot be made and built on its own. Even idolaters have known that they are created by one, but could not know Him correctly and wrongly tried to satisfy their innate need to worship by worshiping inanimate objects.

That nobody likes to be backbitten means that the creation of humans rejects backbiting.

That lying is difficult and that telling the truth is easy, is the testimony of human disposition that lying is forbidden and that truth is approved.

That the feeling of jealousy is put into the creation of the human being shows us that the notion of integrity is necessitated by human nature.

That we are offended by our friend from whom we request a loan and who wants his money back with extra addition is the testimony of human nature that interest is forbidden.
Examples can be continued.

So, the human being is created upon good morals. However, the human needs to find the sources of all those qualities which are put into his/her creation and needs to improve them. The essentials of this improvement are included in the heavenly scriptures and are communicated to the humanity by Prophets, peace be upon them all. One of the meanings of the hadith “I am sent only to complement the good morals.” should be that.

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