What is the way to understand Islam truly?

Humanity has learnt true belief and moral values from monotheist religions. Monotheist religions are explained as A general law, a guide, a leading light announced to humans by Allahs Messengers. This kind of religion leads people to benefaction and to virtue by teaching them faith, good deeds, and moral values.

The last and the perfect one of the monotheist religions is Islam. Islamic decrees are valid until the judgment day. This truth is explained in Quran as The Religion before Allah is Islam. (Al-i Imran Surah, 3:14)

This day have I perfected religion for you, completed My favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your Religion. (Al-Maidah Surah, 6:3)

To understand the true meaning of Islam, one should be free from bias, hatred, and should look at it from Qurans perspective. Because Quran for 1400 years without having been changed become available for everyone. Its statements are so clear; its decrees are reliable and conformable to wisdom. It has been translated to many languages. To understand Quran better one should consult Hadith books, that is to say one should look at it with Hazrath Muhammads (pbuh) eye.

Imam-i Shafee, Imam-i Azam are the expert scholars that we should consult just after Quran and Hadiths.

Sublime state of Islam can only be comprehended by looking at the persons and communities who glorified by observing and examining Quranic truths (haqiqat) in detail.

Otherwise, it is not logical to decree in Islam only by looking at some Muslims and their fallacies. Especially, it is not right to pass a decision by looking at the politicians who intrigue anyways and do injustice for their own sake to reach a position or an office. In addition, people who are not fully aware of the truth of Islam, and who misleads people with their false acknowledgements could not be considered as a sample while realizing the value of Islam. Islam cannot be judged by fallacies of some.

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