What is difference among the names Azim (the Magnificent), Kabir (the Greatest) and Aliyy (the Exalted/Highest)?

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What is difference among the names Azim (the Magnificent), Kabir (the Greatest) and Aliyy (the Exalted/Highest)?
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In order to understand the nuances among Azim, Kabir and Aliyy, it is necessary to look at the meanings of the words magnificent, great and high. These words do not explain their meanings completely but they can give us an idea about the difference among them. That is, those three words do not have the same meaning and they are not the same.

When we have a look at the opposites of these words, the opposite of ‘azim’ is 'despicable', the opposite of ‘kabir‘ is small‘ and the opposites of ‘aliyy’ is 'low'.

As it is known, the distance between the sun and the earth is about one hundred and fifty million kilometer square. Light covers this distance in eight minutes, but there are stars whose light has not reached the world yet. 

In the light of this knowledge, let us try to see the differences among the concepts of magnificence, greatness and highness.  

The sky is magnificent in terms of eyes being too weak to see and mind being too weak to understand its vast width and height.

The sky is great in terms of all of the big beings in the world being small compared to it.

The sky is high in terms of all high things in the world being low compared to it.

This example cannot be a measurement to understand themagnificence, highness and greatness of Allah, who is free from being material. For, the greatness, magnificence, and highness of Allah, who does not resemble His creatures in any way, are peculiar to Himself and nothing similar to them can be imagined. However, if it is understood that those names are not the same through that example, it is enough for us.

Magnificence, highness and greatness are in question for all attributes, things, deeds and names.  

Let us deal with mercy only by giving one example:

Nursi writes the following: “The tenderness of all mothers is but a flash of Divine mercy.”

Being merciful is superiority and the perfection of this attribute belongs only to Allah, who is great.

Minds cannot understand the width and scope of His mercy.

The mercy shown by Allah to His creatures is higher than all kinds of mercy.

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