Al- Azim (The Magnificent)

Al- Azim (the Magnificent)

Al-Azim means the owner of magnificence and greatness. Allah is al-Azim. He owns magnificence and greatness both in His personality and in His names and attributes. All of the great things are small in His presence. What we know as great and big attains this property through the manifestation and reflection of the name al-Azim.

We will deal with this name from two aspects. We will analyze and contemplate the magnificence of Allah Almighty first in His personality and then in His names and attributes.

1- Allah is magnificent in terms of His personality.

Allah Almighty is Azim in essence and He has magnificence. Human beings are too weak to understand this magnificence and greatness. Man sometimes sees the greatness of something through his eyes; he sometimes perceives it through his mind; he sometimes understands it through his imagination; sometimes, even imagination cannot perceive it. 

For instance, when you see an elephant, you say, "It is big." Then, when you look at a mountain, you say, "This is bigger." Then, you look at a sea and say, "This is bigger than the mountain." The eyes see their bigness but when we say, "the world is big", the eye cannot perceive it. For, the world is bigger than what the eye can see. This bigness can be perceived only through the mind and scientific data. 

The mind accepts it with difficulty that the sun is 1.300.000 times bigger than the world; some people cannot perceive it. This greatness may be the limit of the mind's perception. For, it is very difficult to make the world 1.300.000 bigger and then to see this bigness through the mind.  

After this bigness, we encounter examples of bigness that our mind cannot perceive; maybe our imagination will perceive them. For instance, it is stated that there are 300 billion stars like the sun in the galaxy of the Milky Way. The radius of the galaxy of the Milky Way is 100.000 light years. The mind gives up in such situations and transfers the duty to imagination. Imagination tries to understand those greatnesses but it can manage it to a certain extent.  

Then, we encounter the greatnesses that even imagination cannot cope with. For instance, the star of Canis Majoris. This star is 7 decillion times bigger than the world. If we express it in figures, this star can contain worlds.

That is, 33 zeros next to the figure 7. Can you imagine the size of the star that can contain worlds?

Let alone the mind and imagination, even the tongue cannot pronounce it. The manifestation of Allah Almighty's name al-Azim is seen in those greatnesses. Our duty related to this name is to think that the huge beings are a manifestation of the name al-Azim and to glorify our Lord by saying “O Azim! O Azim!” when we look at them.

After seeing the greatnesses of these beings, let us deal with the greatness of Allah…

We showed above that man is unable to understand and realize the greatness of the creatures and beings created by Allah. How can man, who is unable to understand and realize the greatness of these creatures understand the greatness of the being that created them out of nothing, that is, Allah? He can never understand and realize it. Man cannot understand the greatness of stars and greatness; how can he understand the greatness of the personality of Allah?

Then, what man needs to know and say related to Allah's personality in terms of the name al-Azim is as follows: Allah is Azim. His personality is greater than everything and all great things. He is the one that creates big things. What we know as big and great is small compared to Him. However, I am unable to understand the nature of this greatness, to realize its secrets and to perceive it through my mind. I know that Allah is Azim and greater than everything; and I believe in it. I accept that I am unable to perceive His greatness but I refer the reality of the issue to Allah. Yes, Allah is Azim but my mind, perception and imagination cannot understand it. How can I understand the greatness of the Being, who creates the sun and galaxies out of nothing with only one command, while I cannot understand the greatness of the sun?  I only believe in it and approve it.

Thus, we end the aspect of the name al-Azim regarding the personality of Allah Almighty; now, we will think and meditate the aspect of this name related to Allah's names and attributes. 

2- Allah is great with His names and attributes.

There is no limit for the names and attributes of Allah Almighty. He creates a flower through His power easily; He creates the spring and Paradise as easily. Particles and stars are equal in the presence of the power of Allah. We cannot say this is easier than that related to His power. Creating a fly is as easy for Allah as resurrecting all human beings after death. In this sense, there is no limit for the attribute of the power of Allah. Allah is al-Azim in terms of the limitlessness of His attribute of power. 

Allah’s knowledge is also limitless like His power. For instance, Allah knows me with His power; similarly, he knows all human beings and creatures. There is nothing that Allah does not know. We cannot say knowing this is easier than knowing that related to His knowledge. We cannot talk about yesterday, today and tomorrow related to Allah. The past and the future, the pre-eternity and post-eternity are always under His control. In this sense, there is no limit for the attribute of the knowledge of Allah. Allah is al-Azim in terms of the limitlessness of His attribute of knowledge.

Allah’s sight is limitless like His knowledge. For instance, Allah sees me through His name al-Basir (the All-Seeing); similarly, He sees all human beings and creatures. Everything is in the scope of His sight. No creature can be concealed from His sight. He sees and knows the footprints of an ant under the ground in a dark night. In this sense, there is no limit for the attribute of the sight of Allah. Allah is al-Azim in terms of the limitlessness of His attribute of sight.

Allah’s hearing is limitless like His sight. For instance, Allah hears me through His name as-Sami' (the Hearer of All); similarly, He hears all human beings, the sounds of our hearts and all creatures. One sound does not prevent another sound. One task does not prevent another task. In this sense, there is no limit for the attribute of the hearing of Allah. Allah is al-Azim in terms of the limitlessness of His attribute of hearing.

You can compare all of His names and attributes to the examples above. All of the names and attributes of Allah are limitless. The name that expresses this limitlessness and greatness is al-Azim.

Oh owner of greatness and sultanate! Oh the being whose magnificence everything surrenders to! O the being whose magnificence is seen in everything! O the being who is greater than all great beings! O He who is Azim in His magnificence, majesty, power and all names and attributes! Forgive us, Your sinning slaves, for the sake of Your magnificence! Show mercy to Your slaves, who have nobody except You and whose only hope is Your forgiveness and mercy! Make this study about Your names and attributes atonement for our sins! Make us Your slaves and ummah for your beloved Prophet! Amin!

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