What is the reason behind the severe complaints, intimidation and big threat by the Quran against man, who is weak?

Man is weak enough to be defeated by a microbe that is invisible to the eye; and he is poor; the capital he has is partial freedom and partial freewill. However, his needs and desires are endless. In order to understand the wisdom behind the severe complaints big threats and intimidationby the Quran against man, who is so weak and poor, consider the following two comparisons:   

First Comparison:

For example, there was a royal garden in which were innumerable fruits and flowers. Many servants were appointed to attend to it. They all had different duties. The duty of one of the servants was only to open the water canal so that the water could spread throughout the garden and the plants, trees and other inhabitants of the garden would benefit from it. Otherwise, they would die of thirst.

If the servant was lazy and did not open the canal and the garden dried up, would all of the other servants not have the right to complain about this lazy servant? They definitely would. For, he dried the garden by not letting the water and destroyed all of the service and work of the other servants; he harmed them.

Second Comparison:

For example, hundreds of people worked in a big ship belonging to the king. They all had different duties.  The duty of one of the men was to shift the helm. If that man abandoned this duty, which seemed simple but was very important, and the ship was overturned by hitting a rock or ran aground, would the owner of the ship not complain against the man on behalf of the other sailors? Could the man have the right to say, "I am an ordinary man; I have been reprimanded severely due to unimportant negligence." Definitely not. For, he harmed the rights of the other sailors on the ship by abandoning his duty. He caused so much harm only through neglect.

The world is like the great garden and the big ship in the example. Unbelief, blasphemy, transgression and rebellion are a big murder violating the rights of others. 

For, the essence of them is denial and rejection, abandoning and not accepting. Therefore, it harms the deeds of other beings and they block the beautiful manifestations of divine names. It reduces the value of beings from one thousand to one.  It denies their duties and accuses their glorification of absurdity.

For instance, the sun is a mirror to Allah's names. 

It has the duty of being a mirror to Allah's names Khaliq (Creator) and Mujid (Inventor) with its existence,

to Allah's name Nur (Light) with its light,

to Allah's names Azim (Magnificent), Kabir (Greatest), Mutakabbir (Majestic), Ali (Supreme) and Aziz (Mighty) with its magnificence,

to Allah's names Rahim (Compassionate), Karim (Generous), Rahman (Merciful) with its light and heat,

and to Allah's other names and attributes.

As a matter of fact, those who do not accept Allah by denying or ignoring reject the duty of being a mirror of the names of Allah by the sun.

The sun will definitely sue the unbeliever who accuses it of not having a duty and of meaninglessness and who thinks it is unattended and at large. It will complain to Allah about him. 

As it is expressed by the rule “the work of art is valuable due to its artist", the sun becomes valuable because it is an art of Allah; however, it is reduced from the level of an antique work to the level of a mean and worthless ball of fire by the denier.  Its lawsuit against the unbeliever who reduces its level from one thousand to one is right and fair.

Though the sun glorifies Allah by uttering Allah’s one thousand and one names, denial accuses it of not having a duty.

The sun and all of the other beings will definitely complain to Allah about the unbeliever due to this transgression.

And Allah will definitely intimidate the unbeliever severely and threaten him repeatedly in order to protect the rights of the beings. This threat is wisdom and justice.  

That rebellious man deserves severe threats and horrible intimidation.

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