What can a Muslim do If s/he cannot find Halal meat to eat?

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I am moving to Bermuda, and have found out that there is no halal meat available there and there aren't even slaughter houses where I can slaughter the meat myself. There is fish, but it is very expensive, and I can't afford to buy it regularly and importing meat is also very expensive with 25% duty charged on all imports. Would it be permissible for me to eat the chicken/lamb from supermarkets and say Allah's name before eating it ?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

If a Muslim, Christian or a Jewish did not slaughter the animal, it is not enough to say Basmala (In the name of Allah) before/while eating.

That is, "The People of the Books slaughtered is eaten."

With the term of “the People of the Books”, we understand the Christians who believe Gospel and the Jewish who believe Torah among the Books that Allah sent.

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Is it permissible for Muslims to eat meat slaughtered by Non-Muslims?

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