Could you please give information about Hunting in Islam?

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Could you please give information about Hunting in Islam?
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All wild animals in their disposition that run away from human beings - regardless of whether they are edible or not - are called preys and catching thoese animals is called “hunting.”

It is permissible in Islam to hunt both land and sea animals. In the Quran, it the following is stated:

They ask thee what is lawful to them (as food). Say: lawful unto you are (all) things good and pure: and what ye have taught your trained hunting animals (to catch) in the manner directed to you by God: eat what they catch for you, but pronounce the name of God over it” (al-Maidah, 5:4).

Lawful to you is the pursuit of water-game and its use for food” (al-Maidah, 5:96) (also see al-Maidah, 5:1, 2, 94, 96). Nevertheless, it is makrooh (abominable) to hunt just for entertainment. It is haram to hunt while in Hajj and in Ihram.

Meat The flesh of some hunt game animals is edible, and some is not. They are hunted to benefit from either for their skin, or wool or fangs,; or to be safe from the danger they cause for people.

There are some conditions so that meat flesh of a hunted animal can be halal to eat. Some of thoese conditions are related to the hunter, some to the hunt game animal and some to the hunting tool.

1-Conditions related to the hunter:

a- the Hunter must be Muslim, mumayyiz (person who has reached the age of discretion), sane or one of the people of the book, that ’is, Christian of Jewish. The meat flesh of the animals hunted by people apart from thoese cannot be eaten and also animals slaughtered by them cannot be eaten, either.

b-While the hunter is shooting the prey, or while he is sending the animal that is going to catch it, he must utter basmala. If he does not utter basmala deliberately, the meat flesh of that prey cannot be eaten.

c-The hunter must take action right away, without occupying himself with anything else, after shooting hunt the animal or having it caught by the trained huntinger animal. Sometimes it is possible that the hunter may have missed the animal and it may not have been killed. If he does not search where it is but occupies himself with something else and finds the animal dead later, the meat flesh of that animal cannot be eaten. Yet, if he finds the animal he injured as dead, without waiting after shooting it, its meat flesh can be eaten. (Maydani, al-Lubab, III, 220).

d- Shooting the gamehunt animal or sending the trained animal to catch it must be done by an expert hunter and anyone no one who is unfamiliar with hunting must not interfere in thisit. The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) prohibited hunting with stones, wrist rockets and clubs. A hadith narrated by Muslim is as follows:

Stone neither hunts nor injures the enemy. It only breaks teeth and wounds eyes.

A hunter shoots the prey yet loses it and finds it after a while. The following hadithes related to the issueis wereas narrated from Adiy b. KhHateam:

Eat the prey if you find it outside of water after shooting your arrow. Otherwise, you cannot figure out if it was water or the arrow that killed it.

If you cannot find any bruise made by a wild animal on your prey and if you conclude that it was your arrow to havethat killed it, eat it

If you find your prey three days after shooting it and it yet does not smell rotten, eat it

Mercy and need are the leading necessities to be taken into consideration in hunting. A Muslim who hunts for his needs must be merciful. He must not hunt during mating and reproduction periods. A true believer will be responsible for a great sin if he hunts to the degree that makes animals extinct and spoil nature’s balance.

2-Conditions related to the hunt animals:

a-The hunted animal must belong to a species that is permitted to eat. (see edible animals)

b-It must be wild in disposition and not domestic or tamed.

c-It must not be a pests or insects.

d-As for the sea animals, it must be fish (species of fish living in soft fresh water or hard watersea).

e- The animal must have died because of hunting. If the hunter catches the injured animal before it dies, he needs to slaughter it. Otherwise, it cannot be eaten.

3-Conditions related to the hunting tools: Animals are hunted with trained animals such as dogs, hawks, falcons, goshawks or by nets, and traps or with weapons. Thoese trained animals must have the conditions listed below:

a-They must go for the prey when they are sent.

b-They must be trained for hunting.

A dog is accepted to be trained when it does not eat the animal it caught for three times and animals such as falcons and hawks are considered to be trained if they return when they are called back.

c-They must not eat even a morsel from the meat flesh of the animal they have caught.

d-They must not kill the animals by choking them. If the animals die for another reason after being injured, they cannot be eaten.

e-Any No other untrained animals such as foxes and others must not help them with hunting.

In our day, hunting is usually performed with weapons. As we mentioned above, the hunter must utter basmala while shooting the prey, must run to it right away after shooting it and slaughter it if is not dead yet. If it has died because of shooting before the hunter reaches it, it can be eaten without the need to do anything else. (Maydani, ibid., III, 217, ff.)


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