Can you list the animals whose meats are Helal to eat?

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Salaam, I have a question regarding halal food, as far as I know Muslims are only allowed to eat halal food unless in dire need. However I know of Muslims who eat food which is such as beef and chicken. Could you please clear this up for me, Is it or is it not allowed? Can you list the animals whose meats are Helal/Haram to eat?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

* The animals whose flesh is halal (permissible) to be eaten are the following:

a. If the domestic animals which are not naturally ugly, disgusting and bad are slaughtered in conformity with the practices of the Shari’a (the Islamic Laws), their flesh is religiously halal, they can be eaten. Sheep, goats, cows, buffalos, camels, deer, chickens, turkeys, goose, ducks, ostriches, quails, pigeons, partridges and other animals which we know that they are hunted are belong to that category. 
b. The meats of all of the animals living in water which are from the class of fish are also halal and they can be eaten. Turbots, carps and eels are also from that class . Since the blood of the animals which are among the fish class is not fluid, the process of slaughtering cannot be performed. If those animals have died in the sea on their own, their flesh can not be eaten. If they have died because of external effects (storm, warmth, coldness, etc.), their flesh is halal and they can be eaten.   

* The animals whose flesh is not halal to be eaten are as follows: 

1.The flesh of the wild and predatory animals which catch their hunt by their molar teeth and paws and tear them into pieces and fight are haram (prohibited) and cannot be eaten; such as wolves, bears, lions, tigers, hyenas, leopards, martens, squirrels, elephants, monkeys, foxes, weasels, cats and dogs, etc… 
2. The flesh of the birds which catch and hunt their preys by their claws and regarded as naturally detestable is also haram or tahriman makrooh (strictly abominable). They are animals such as kites, ravens, eagles, vultures, bats, sparrow hawks, falcons and jays.
3. The flesh of the animals which are naturally malignant and disgusting cannot be eaten, either. Mice, moles, hedgehogs, lizards, scorpions, snakes, frogs, tortoises, snails, worms, bees, flies, caterpillars, insects, etc.   
4. The flesh of the animals such as chickens, sheep, cows which have eaten unclean things cannot be eaten either before a period of time for cleaning passes. For that reason, the animals which have eaten those kinds of dirty things are detained in a place and they are nourished by clean nutriments. That period of confinement is three days for chickens, ten days for cows and camels and four days for sheep. The flesh of the animals which are fed by pig milk are halal.
5. Since horses are animals suitable for wars, eating their flesh is makrooh according to Imam A’zam. However, they can be eaten according to Imam Shafi’i and Ahmad bin Hanbal.
Mehmet Dikmen

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