What are the responsibilities of the Muslims living abroad in terms of conveying the message of Islam?

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I feel responsible since I live in America. I am trying to show Christians how a Muslim lives as much as I can. I do not hide the truth that I perform prayers. Many Christians do not know that we believe in Jesus (Hz Isa). I try to tell them about the truth when an occasion arises. Is what I am doing enough? Do you think I will be accounted for by being asked the following questions: "You lived among Christians. How many people became Muslims thanks to you?"
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Dear Brother / Sister,

One of the duties of Muslims is to convey the message of Islam. Every Muslim needs to convey the message of Islam as much as he knows about Islam. The person he conveys the message to can be a priest, a president or a worker. There is no limitation about it.  

When we fulfill the duty of conveying the message of Islam, we need to make preparations by taking the level of the knowledge of the person we will address. It will be more appropriate to do it with other Muslims that can complete our deficiencies. For, a person cannot know everything. 

We should know that our duty is conveying the message of Islam only. It is Allah who will give guidance to people. We need to do our duty. In that case, it does not matter whether the person we talk to becomes a Muslim or not; we will be regarded to have fulfilled our duty.

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