What should be done related to personal interests and irrelevant questions?

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- I went somewhere to convey the message of Islam. I talked to a person. However, he said he did not have clothes. What should I do in such cases?
- I want to know how I can respond to people when they give me stupid excuses or irrelevant answers, or what I should do in activities such as preaching.
- How should such requests from our addressees be responded, apart from the responses related to the message of Islam?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

It is fard for every believer to convey the message of Islam and the truth as much as he can; it is one of the most important jihads.

However, we should not forget that our duty is only to convey the message in a nice way and that guidance is from Allah according to the person’s heart. Doubtlessly, we cannot interfere in His business.

Therefore, our Lord gave the prophets and believers the duty of conveying the message only.

While conveying the message, we might sometimes hear negative answers and even insults. What should we do then? We should do what the Prophet (pbuh) did. We should be patient and should not be provoked; we should fulfill our duty of conveying our message and leave that place with good intentions.

Our aim is not to fight for our ego; we should serve to save the eternal life of people, especially ourselves, our family and our immediate surroundings. If we get into a fight of ego, it will hurt both us and other people.

If the person or people listening to us make a financial request at that time and if we feel that they are sincere, we can help them if we can. If we do not have the means and if the conditions are not suitable, we can ask support from other people or institutions that will help.

The prophets suffered many times more than today’s believers while conveying the divine message but they did not give up. They continued their duties with great patience and, definitely, by asking for help from Allah, without resorting to bad manners.

That is exactly the way we need to follow; and that is what the Quran wants from us anyway.

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