What are the extraordinary incidents that were witnessed by the people during the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) nearby him?

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What are the extraordinary incidents that were witnessed by the people during the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) nearby him?

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From the narrations by his mother…

The reverend mother, Hazrat Amina, who was deemed worthy of such a unique honor that no other mother ever was, describes that blissful moment as follows:

“Someone came towards me in my dream in the sixth month of my pregnancy and said:

“O Amina! Know that you are pregnant to the most decent person of the universe. When you give birth to him, name him Muhammad and do not tell about it to anyone!”

“Then the time for birth came. My father-in-law, Abdulmuttalib, was away, performing Hajj. I was at home. Suddenly I heard a voice. I felt as if I would melt with horror. It was there. A white bird appeared and came to me; and it patted my back with its wing. I did not feel any fear or anxiety from then on.”

“I had a look around. They were serving me syrup in a white jug. As soon as I drank it, I was covered with a sea of light.”

“And Mohammad was born...”

The reverend Mother tells about afterbirth as follows:

“I saw a flag in the east, a flag in the west and a flag on the Kaaba. The birth was over. I looked at the baby. He was in sajdah (prostration) and his finger was raised up towards sky. Then a white cloud came down and swaddled the baby. I heard a voice:

‘Show him around the east and the west, show him the seas, so that creatures will know Muhammad with his name, his attributes and his face’”

Then the cloud disappeared.”

Also at the same night, Hazrat Amina saw a divine light and in the brightness of that light, she watched palaces and mansions in Damascus.

Observations by Midwives Shifa and Fatima

At the time the Master of the Universe (Prophet Muhammad) was born, Shifa who was Abdurrahman bin Awf’s mother and Fatima who was Uthman bin Abul’l As’s mother were together with the reverend mother. Shifa, who was one of the midwives, described her observations at that time as follows:

“I was there when the Messenger of Allah was born. I quickly came there for help. I heard a voice: “May Allah’s mercy be upon him.” The distance between the east and the west was filled with divine light. And I saw some palaces of Byzantine in that light. Then I took the Messenger of Allah in my arms and started to suckle him. I started to tremble and almost fainted. The baby disappeared in front of my eyes. A voice asked: ‘Where has he gone?’ Another one replied: ‘They took him to the east.’

“I never forgot those words: Therefore, as soon as the Messenger of Allah declared his prophethood I went to him and accepted his faith together with the first Muslims.”(1)

Fatima said that the house where the birth took place was filled with divine light and the stars in the sky seemed as if they would fall into the house. (2)

Another specialty of Prophet Mohammad was that he was born circumcised and his umbilical cord was already cut off. (3) There was “the seal of prophethood” between his shoulder blades on his back, just on the line with his heart. It was formed by hairy, raised and reddish freckles which looked like pearls and it was in the size of a partridge egg. The seal was a sign indicating that he was the last prophet being awaited for a long time.

Saib bin Yazid, one of the Companions, tells “about the seal” as follows:

“When I was a child, my aunt took me to the Prophet (PBUH) and said:

‘O Messenger of Allah, there is a pain in my nephew’s foot.’”

“The Messenger of Allah patted my head with his hand and prayed for me. Then, he took ablution. I drank from the ablution water. Then I stood behind him and I saw the seal of prophethood between his shoulders; it was as big as the huge buttons of the tent (or a partridge egg).”

Describing the Messenger of Allah, Hazrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “The distance between his shoulder blades was large and it was obvious that he was the last prophet from the seal of prophethood between his shoulder blades.” 


1. Qastalani, Mawahibu’l-Ladunniya, 1/122.
2. Qadi Iyad, ash-Shifa, 1/267
3. It is narrated that Hazrat Adam, who was the first human being and the first prophet, was also born circumcised. Moreover, sources record that the prophets Seth, Enoch (Idris), Noah, Moses, Solomon, Shuaib (Jethro), John (Yahya) and Hud (Eber) were also born circumcised.

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