Why is the birthday of the Prophet important for us?

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Why is the birthday of the Prophet important for us?
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April 20, 571 (the 12th night of the month of Rabi’ul-awwal) is the date when our beloved Prophet was born; it is called the birthday of the Prophet. It is the birthday of the Prophet of the prophets, whom the universe and the humankind had been looking forward to for centuries. He is the prayer of Hazrat Ibrahim, the glad-tiding of Jesus, and the dream of Abdulmuttalib, his grandfather and Amina, his mother. The Incident of the Elephant informed about his coming. Several extraordinary events took place on the night he was born. A holy light that illuminated the east and west of the world was seen. The fire of the fireworshippers which had been burning continuously for a thousand years blew out. The valley of Samawa, which had been dry for centuries, was flooded. Tens of stars fell down from the sky. Fourteen towers of Kisra’s Palace fell down spontaneously. Most of the idols in the Kaaba were overturned. The devil gave out a deadly scream. Many more mysterious incidents took place one after another because the Master of the Universe, the Source of Pride of the humanity, Hazrat  Ahmad Mahmud Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh) was coming to the world. All of the beings welcomed him by standing.

To celebrate the birth of the Prophet of human beings and jinn, to utter salawat for him, to mention his name, to remember that we are his ummah thanks to this night is a nice application that has been done for a long time by Muslims. 

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