Why did the Prophet not have children from his wives such as Hz. Aisha and Hz. Hafsa?

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- What is the wisdom behind the Prophet’s not having children from his wives such as Hz. Aisha and Hz. Hafsa except Hz. Khadija and Hz. Mariya?

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The Prophet (pbuh) is a human being; he is subject to deeds like other people except for revelation. The wisdom behind having or not having children from some women is the same as other people’s having or not having children from some women.

“To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He wills (and plans). He bestows (children) male or female according to His Will (and Plan), Or He bestows both males and females, and He leaves barren whom He will: for He is full of Knowledge and Power.” (ash-Shura, 42/49-50)

In the verses above, the issue of having male or female children or not having any children at all is mentioned and it is pointed out that it depends on Allah’s absolute will and wise choice.

The fact that they are dependent on Allah’s will and preference does not mean that they are without wisdom; but their occurrence does not mean that their wisdom is known.

The Prophet (pbuh) did not have children not only from those two wives but also from most of his wives. After all, the death of all of his children except Fatima before him is due to many wise reasons. However, mentioning the wise reasons that are not clearly mentioned in the verses and hadiths means mentioning possible interpretations only.

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