What was the wisdom behind the marriage of Hz Aisha with the Prophet(ﷺ)?

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What was the wisdom behind the marriage of Hz Aisha with the Prophet(ﷺ)?

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The wisdom behind the Prophet’s (pbuh) marriage with Hz. Aisha

The Prophet (pbuh), who lost his wife Khadija at the age of fifty, ten years after the beginning of the prophethood, needed some wives who would help him both in housework and to look after his children, along with his activities to invite people to Islam. Therefore, he asked for Sawda’s hand in marriage, who was an old and widow, and also his best friend Hz. Abu Bakr's daughter, Aisha’s hand.

His best friend's daughter, was the most exclusive grant to the Prophet by that great person, who experienced painful and happy moments of life together with him. Hz. Abu Bakr will have the honor of being with him thanks to her on the day when all relationships and kinships end, with his unending closeness to him. Yes, Hz. Abu Bakr had the honor of being close to the Prophet (pbuh) without leaving any material or spiritual gap thanks to his daughter Aisha.

In addition, Hz. Aisha, who was an exceptionally intelligent person, had the personality that could be the full heir to the duty of prophethood. She proved herself with her life after marriage and her subsequent services that she, as a unique being, could only be a prophet’s wife. She served as the greatest hadith scholar, the most excellent tafsir scholar, and the most exceptional fiqh scholar, representing and reflecting all the visible and invisible states of the Prophet (pbuh) with her unique understanding.

That is why, the Prophet (pbuh) was given a sign in his dream that he was going to marry her; thus, she entered the house of the Prophet without dreaming of any other men.

Thus, she became a source of honor for Hz. Abu Bakr, and was prepared to be a great teacher and proclaimer in the realm of womanhood, developing all her talents and abilities, as one of the leading students of the Prophet. In this way, she entered the blissful house of the Prophet (pbuh) both as a wife and a student.

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