How was the attitude of the Prophet toward Hz. Aisha related to the incident of Ifk?

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I read about the attitude of the Prophet (pbuh) related to the Incident of Ifk. Hz. Aisha was harmed a lot in this incident. Why did the Prophet (pbuh) not support his wife directly? Why did he send her to her family? When we read the whole incident, does it not seem that the Prophet distressed her? I want to learn the wisdoms behind the Prophet's attitude? I read the following statement in many resources: "How are things with yours?" The Prophet (pbuh) says it to his wife. What does he mean?
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The Prophet (pbuh) was also a human being. He also felt sorry and happy due to the incidents that happened. As a matter of fact, when his son Hz. Ibrahim died, he cried next to his grave.

The Incident of Ifk is an ugly slander against Hz. Aisha. It cannot be thought that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was not affected by it.

It is clear that the Prophet did not apply any pressure on Hz. Aisha. As a matter of fact, Hz. Aisha heard the incident from others after a while.

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) knew that his wife, Hz. Aisha, was free from such an accusation. However, the spread of such a treacherous and sly planned slander distressed him a lot. This caused him to change his attitude toward Hz. Aisha willy nilly. As a matter of fact, he expressed it clearly in the sermon he delivered in the mosque:

"O Muslims! Who will help me against a person who distressed me with the slander against my wife? In fact, I only know good things about my wife. The slanderers mentioned the name of a person about him I only know good things." (Sirah, III/312; Muslim, VIII/115i Tirmidhi, V/332)

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Will you please give information about the incident of Ifk?

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