Holy Birth and Mawlid (Eid Milad-an-Nabi)

The reason of life and the meaning of creation had been lost and vanished. Everything had been covered by a hallow emptiness and sorrow.

Spirits were waiting for something; they were feeling inside that a divine light was about to tear away the drapes of torment.

In that time of violence, a sun rose from the horizon of the universe. This sun was Muhammad, the Last Prophet (peace be upon him). This unique event, which changed the stream of history and the flow of life, was the greatest of all the changes which had ever shaken the world.

The birth of an eminent person, who would solve the puzzles haunting humankind’s mind and heart “What are you, where are you coming from and where are you going to?”, and who would declare and prove the existence of the Lord of the Universe, affected not only the spirits and hearts of human beings, but also those of other living beings, even the non-living beings.

- How great events happened at that night when the entire world from east to west was covered with divine light and Divine change was manifested!

Eminent people from the Jews and Jewish scholars observed that signs and harbingers which they had seen in their books before appeared that night. Even before anyone was aware of it, they gave the good news:

That night, Jewish scholars looked at the sky and said: “Now that this star is born tonight, Ahmad is born.” (1)

An eminent person of the Jews, in a meeting in Mecca, which eminent people of Quraish such as Hisham, Walid bin Mughira and Utba bin Rabia attended, at the night our Prophet was born, asked:

“Was a child born to any of your family tonight?”

“We do not know” they replied.

“I am disgusted at your negligence!” The Jewish man said. “O community of Quraish, listen well to what I tell you. Tonight, the last prophet of this community, Ahmad, was born. If I am wrong, may I deny the holiness of Palestine. Yes, there is a hairy, reddish spot between his two shoulder blades” said he.

The attendants at the meeting were astonished by the words of the Jewish man and they left the meeting. Each of them returned to their houses and told about it to their households. They discovered that "Abdullah, the son of Abdulmuttalib, had a son that night and they named him Muhammad."

The following day they went to the Jewish man:

“Did you hear that the child you talked about was born amongst us?” said they.
“Was he born before or after I told you?” said the Jewish man.
“Before it and his name is Ahmad” said they.
“Take me to him.” said the Jewish man.

They took him to the Hazrat Amina’s house and went in.

They showed the baby to the Jewish man. As soon as the Jewish man saw the spot on the back of the Prophet, he lost himself and fainted. When he pulled himself together and stood up, they said to him:

“What happened to you, shame on you!”

"Prophethood is not from the Israelites anymore. The book is not from them either. Jewish scholars have no importance or respect anymore. Arabs will find salvation through their prophet. O community of Quraish, do you feel relieved now? I swear that you will be given a power, might and superiority which will cover everywhere from east to west." (2)

What the blissful mother, who gave birth to the Lord of the Universe, witnessed before the birth was also very meaningful…

While she was pregnant to the Prophet, she heard a voice in her dream:

“You are pregnant to the most decent of the humankind and the Lord of this community. When you give birth to her, say ‘I seek refuge with Him, who is One and Only, to protect him from all evil people’ and then name him Ahmad or Muhammad”.

Moreover, she told Abdulmuttalib that she saw the entire east and west, palaces and bazaars of Damascus and Busra and even the stretching necks of the camels in Busra in the brightness of a light coming out from her. (3)

At the same night, what the mother of Uthman bin As, who was with Amina, witnessed was as follows:

“Inside the house was filled with divine light that night. Stars seemed as if they would fall down on us” (4)

Yes, Suleyman Chelebi, who put these holy moments into words, uttered the following couplets in his poem:

“When Muhammad’s time to come was near at hand,
Ere he came were many signs seen through the land”

It was Monday, the twelfth night of the month of Rabi’al-awwal, and according to calculations, it corresponded to the twentieth of April in the Gregorian calendar.

They covered the Lord of the Two Worlds, who honored the world with his birth, with a pot as a tradition of the time.

At those times, it was an Arabic tradition to cover a baby born at night with a pot and not to look at him/her until the morning breaks. However, to their surprise, the pot they had put on the prophet split into two. The prophet was sucking his thumb, his gaze up in the sky. (5)

Yes, that sign indicated that he was a prophet sent to abolish all kinds of infidelity, torment, idolatry and all kinds of superstitions and to make faith, divine light and right way to light up whole universe.

- That very night, it was observed that majority of the lifeless idols being worshipped in the Kaaba fell down.

- The very night, it was discovered that the palace of Kisra trembled and fourteen of its terraces crackled and fell down.

- It was observed that the lake which was deemed holy in Sawa dried up.

- It was witnessed that the fire of Zoroastrians which had been burning for almost a thousand years and which could not be extinguished died out.

All of them are signs that the eminent person who was just born would abolish worshipping fire and idols and he would also abolish the holiness of things, which Allah does not allow to be deemed holy, and end Persian sultanate. (6)

We call this night “Waladat-un-Nabi” (the birth of the prophet/eid milad-an-nabi) and celebrate it every year with our entire heart and soul. We welcome this night with the whole universe and stand up for respect to his birth, which honored the universe.

What a great honor and what a great happiness it is to hold on tightly again to the eternal light he brought, the way of bliss he paved and his sunnah, and to refresh our loyalty to him by means of Eid Milad an-Nabi).

May our Glorious Lord let us deserve His dear Messenger’s intercession!


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