transparent sticky liquid drop leak during fast does it break my fast

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As-salam alikum , I used to masturbate effectively watching porns . As ramadan has come I have promised my self to give up all the bad deeds and never turn back to that sinful acts in my whole life . Now during fasting had sleep and later i observed there was a leak of semen type liquid but transparent, please help me to know whether my fast is broken or not . And i request you to please please please pray to Allah to forgive all my sins I did and make me a good muslim .it will be a favour. pls
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Abu Said, may Allah be pleased with him, narrates:

Allah's Messenger (PBUH) said:

There are three things which do not invalidate the fast: hajamat (getting blood drawn from one's body), vomiting, and ihtilam (getting ejaculation during sleep).” (Tirmidhi, Sawm 24)

A person who reaches puberty discharges four kinds of fluids:

1- Urine, 2- Mani (sperms), 3- Mazi (fluid during excitement), 4-Wadi (fluid generally after urination)

Among those the only one which necessitates ghusl is mani (sperms). Mani has three qualities:

1- It gushes forth,
2- Satisfaction occurs,
3- When damp, it smells like dough; when dry, it smells like the white of egg.

Wadi is a thick white fluid which is discharged after urination. Mazi is also a white but thin fluid which is discharged when feelings of lust dominate. In short, no ghusl is needed because of the mentioned wadi and mazi.

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