assalamualaikum need help n dont know wat to do

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i was in my bed n i kept thinkin about girls through th night. I was very horny. I went to th bath n i touched my privat part n somethin came out is my roza accepted?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

There are forbidden acts during fasting that requires a make-up day; Ejaculation that occurs with pleasure by kissing, touching, and masturbation.

An adolescent person has four kinds of fluids.


2-Mani (semen)

3-Mazi (a white sticky fluid that flows from the sexual organs when thinking about sexual intercourse, foreplay, and so on)

4-Wadi (a thick white secretion discharged after urination)

Among these four fluids, only “Mani” (semen) requires Ghusl (major ablution). But the discharge of “Mazi” and “Wadi” do not make Ghusl obligatory; however, wudu breaks.

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Just thinking about foreplay? Or foreplay itself?
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