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Hi in Hanafi Fiqh loss of consciousness through fainting and insanity breaks wudu is there more or those 2 things are the main thing for breaking wudu
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In this context, sleeping and intoxication invalidates the wudu too.

The following acts nullify wudu’:

• Whatever comes out from the two private parts (front and back): waste matter, urine, wind, wadi (a thick white secretion discharged after urination), mazi (a white sticky fluid that flows from the sexual organs when thinking about sexual intercourse or foreplay, and so on), and prostatic fluid. Semen, menstrual blood, and post-childbirth blood require ghusl.
• Emission of blood, pus, or yellow matter from a wound, boil, pimple, or something similar to such an extent that it flows beyond the wound’s mouth.
• Vomiting a mouthful of matter.
• Physical contact for pleasure between men and women without any obstacle (e.g., clothes). If the head of one’s penis disappears into a woman’s vagina, ghusl is required.
• Loss of consciousness through sleep, drowsiness, and so on.
• Temporary insanity, fainting, hysteria, or intoxication.
• Audible laughter during prayer.

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