Is there sajdah ash-shukr (thanking)? How is it performed?

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The following is written in Fatawa al-Hindiyya about sajdah ash-shukr: "According to Abu Hanifa, there is no sajdah ash-shukr; a person who performs it does not receive any thawabas." What is your view?
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Shukr (thanking) means to know the one who gives boons and to praise him. Sajdah ash-shukr is a sajdah performed by turning toward the qiblah and uttering takbir like sajdah at-tilawah due to attaining a boon or being saved from a trouble or misfortune.  

According to a narration from Abu Bakra,

"Hz. Prophet (pbuh) would prostrate whenever he received some good news or when he was given a glad tiding."

Sajdah ash-shukr is mustahab. However, it is makruh to perform it after a prayer. For, those who do not know what it is about may think that it is a part of the prayer. All kinds of permissible deeds that can lead people to misunderstand become makruh.

It is necessary forsajdah ash-shukr to be performed outside makruh times. (Ibn Abidin, Raddul-Muhtar, Egypt n.d., I, 344, 731;ash-Shurunbulali, az-Zubab, p. 85 ff.)

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