If I forget to recite an additional surah (chapter), will my prayer be valid?

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I was performing the morning prayer and I forgot to recite an additional surah in the 2nd rak’ah. I did not perform sajdah as-sahw since I did not consider it necessary to perform sajdah as-sahw when something wajib was forgotten. Is my prayer still valid according to Hanafi madhhab?

The Answer

Dear Brother / Sister,

Abandoning a wajib act even by forgetting in prayer necessitates performing sajdah as-sahw (prostration of forgetfulness). Therefore, abandoning one of the wajibs of prayers by mistake necessitates performing sajdah as-sahw.

The prayer of a person who does not perform sajdah as-sahw is valid. It does not have to be performed again.

However, abandoning a wajib intentionally is makruh tahrimi and necessitates the performance of the prayer again.

Accordingly, the prayer is valid in the situation mentioned in the question; it does not have to be performed again.

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