Is there a narration that the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) came to Mecca and that the Kaaba cried because he did not visit it?

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This issue is given in the sources under a “story” title. We do not know how accurate it is.

According to a narration, one day Sulayman (pbuh) and his soldiers visited the Kaaba, where the idols were being worshipped. (He came and saw houses in Mecca, saying, “this is the place where the last prophet will be sent." He stopped, he did not go into it, passed. Mecca saw him) The Kaaba cried and said:

"Oh, Lord!  This (Suleyman) is one of your prophets, and the people with him are a group of saints. They passed by, but they did not visit and circumambulate me."

Thereupon, Allah inspired to the Kaaba:

“Certainly, I will fill you with the people who prostrate, and I will send a prophet, who is the most beloved of the prophets for me, at the end of time. I will make such people in you of my creatures that they will worship constantly. I will make it obligatory for my servants to visit you. They will be in love with you, like the love shown by the camel to its calf and the pigeon to its egg. And I will purify you from idols.” 

Then, Allah ordered the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) to go to Mecca and to sacrifice animals there. Sulayman, who fulfilled this command, sacrificed five thousand camels, five thousand oxen and twenty thousand sheep in the vicinity of the Kaaba. Then, he reached Tiba/Medinah, and said:

“This is where the prophet who will come at the end of time will migrate. How happy are those who believe and approve him!” (see Safwuri, Nuzhatul-Majcalis wa Muntahabun-Nafais, 1/170).

We should say again that we have not been able to check the degree of the trueness of this story…

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