Question 41: Are there any evidences supporting scientifically that animals glorify Allah?

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Answer: Not only animals but all beings glorify Allah. It is stated in the Quran that whatever is in the world and in the sky glorify and mention Allah. However, it is stated that we cannot understand them. The natural duty of each being is interpreted as its worship. The sheep’s yielding milk, the bee’s yielding honey and apple tree’s yielding apple are expressed as their worship in a sense.

Electrons revolve around the nucleus of the atom 60 thousand times per second. Molecules are also mobile. The world, the moon and the solar system also move. All objects in space move. In short, everything in the universe, from atoms to galaxies, is in motion. The movements and acts of beings are also accepted as their dhikr. From this point of view, it means everything mentions and glorifies Allah and worship Him.

The miracles of prophets draw the boundaries for us related tothe talking of animals and their mentioning Allah. You know that Allah states in the Quran that He taught Hz. Sulayman (Solomon) the language of all animals. It is also stated in the Quran that a female ant told the other ants to enter their nests of because Hz. Sulayman’s army was coming and that the army could harm them unknowingly, that Hz. Sulayman heard it and praised Allah because of it.

It is also stated in the Quran that the hoopoe came to Hz. Sulayman and told him that the Yemeni queen Belqis and her nation abandoned worshipping Allah and worshipped the sun. What we understand from all this is that the animal kingdom speaks in their own language and mentions Allah.

The talking of animals is in the form of producing sounds at certain frequencies. It is not possible for us to perceive these frequencies for the time being just as we cannot directly perceive the sound and images uploaded on radio and television waves. There are laboratory studies to determine the frequencies of sound waves that change depending on the behavior of some animals. It may be possible to bring them to the frequency that we will perceive. If the sound frequency of an animal can be adapted to our sound frequency, we can understand the speech of that animal. Or if Allah gives us a talent like that of Hz. Sulayman, we can enter the realm of those animals and understand what they are talking about.

We should add that science tries to detect the behavior and movements of animals. Determining their dhikr is not the subject of science. It is the subject of philosophy and religions.

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