Some people say it is forbidden to wear gold ornaments on foot in Islam. Is there any hadith confirming that?

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Many people said me that wearing gold in feet (such as foot chains or toe rings) is prohibited in islam. Is there any hadith reguarded this? please anwer me. Jazaak Allahu Khairan.
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Dear Brother / Sister,

We could not reach any information about the question in the sources. However, there is a weak hadith narration which expresses negative attitude about “Anklet” which is worn on the ankles and makes a sound while walking. (see Kanz al-Ummal, h. no: 45071). 

It is not permissible for men to wear gold adornmentneither on their hands nor on their feet- on any parts of their bodies. Women are permitted to wear gold jewelry and silk made clothes. (see W.Zuhayli, al- Fiqh al-Islam, 3/647). 

In the hadith related by Ahmad b. Hanbal, Nasai and Tirmidhi and having the meaning “Gold and silk are rendered halal (permissible) for the women of my ummah (community) but are rendered haram (forbidden) for the men of my ummah” (Nayl al-Awtar, 1/386), that issue is stated clearly.

However, according to the verse “…they should not display their ornaments..” (Qur’an, The Light (Al-Nour); 31 (24: 31)), it is haram for women to display their ornaments to men with whom they are religiously allowed to marry.   

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