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On these days, some of my friends asks me a question which can be come to the mind of every people. Here it is: "Who is the greatest scholar in islam ? Please all ways forward all update on islam to me." Thanks right now..
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Mahdi (pbuh), who will come at the end of time and Four Imams are superior. Regarding the issue, Master Badiuzzaman states the following:

“It may be said that after the Companions and Mahdi, the Four Imams were superior.” (The Letters, 23rd Letter).

There are several hadiths which indicates the rank of Mahdi (pbuh):

Abu Ayyub al-Ansari narrated: The Prophet (pbuh) told his daughter, Fatima : “Our Prophet is the best Prophet of all and it is your father. Our martyr is the most honorable of all and it is your father’s uncle, Hamza. He who can fly wherever he wants in Paradise with his two wings is one of us and it is your father’s uncle’s son, Jafar. The most honorable boys in this society, Hasan and Hussain are also from us and they are your sons. And Mahdi is also from us.” (Tabarani, as-Saghir-Shamila, 1:97). That is to say, Mahdi is also included in this golden range.

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