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Why the prophet Muhammad (SAS) have to fast like the other people?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

The Prophet is also a human being and a servant of Allah. As he is an example to people in every case, he is also an example in serving Allah and worshipping Him.

He sets an example to us with his words “observe your prayers how you see me observe them and perform your Hajj how you see me do it” and informs us that we should observe our prayers and other ways of worshipping Allah according to his way of performing them. Since, details of the forms of worshipping are not included in the Qur’an, the Prophet’s (pbuh) applications are important to us. How do you think can a non-fasting Prophet be an example to the believers?

The Prophet (pbuh) paid a lot attention to his prayers and other forms of worshipping even though all of his sins were forgiven and he was content with being a servant to Allah. He replied those who asked why he observed prayers a lot although all of his sin were forgiven : “Should I not be a servant worshipping Allah?”

One who does not worship Allah cannot be a prophet. A person becomes superior by getting close to Allah by worshipping Him.

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