Question 59: How were microorganisms taken to Hz. Nuh’s (Noah’s) Ark and placed? How did Hz. Nuh fit gigantic dinosaurs like Seismosaurus and T-Rex in his Ark?

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Question 59: How were microorganisms taken to Hz. Nuh’s (Noah’s) Ark and placed? How did Hz. Nuh fit gigantic dinosaurs like Seismosaurus and T-Rex in his Ark?1

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Answer: Hz. Nuh (Noah)and his nation lived about 3 to 4 thousand years BC in Mesopotamia and regions close to it because humanity, which started in Makkah with Hz. Adam, had spread only in the regions between Arabia and Mesopotamia.

As it is known, Allah ordered Hz. Nuh to build a ship and get on the ship when His command came with the people who believed in his prophethood and accepted the oneness of Allah, along with a pair of all species of animals. 

God Almighty wanted Hz. Nuh to embark the ship when gushing forth of the tannur started. Tannur is used as tandır(oven dug in the ground) in Turkish. It is understood that it was not certain when to embark the ship. They were ordered to embark the ship when gushing forth of the tannur started. It is estimated that the ark was a steam ship.

When rain started to pour from the sky and water started to gush forth from the ground, Hz. Nuh received the sign.

Everyone was preoccupied with their own trouble in such a hectic and panicky situation. Hz. Nuh immediately invited the believers – they were 8 people according to one narration and 80 people according to another narration - to the ship and took a pair of domestic animals each to the ship too. The ground was completely covered with water due to the rainfall that continued for days and weeks; all of those who denied Allah were drowned. The ship that Hz. Nuh and his friends embarked landed on Mount Judi. This believing community got off the ship and set up a new lifestyle.

Noah’s Flood (the Deluge) exists in all heavenly books. It is a disaster sent by Allah to punish those who did not believe among the people of Hz. Nuh. As a matter of fact, this tribe increased and deniers emerged from its members again. Allah sent disasters from the sky and the earth to the tribes of Ad, Thamud and Lot, which were their descendants, and destroyed them.

Allah punished those who did not believe among the communities such as Ad, Thamud and Lot tribes with various misfortunes. However, the misfortunes affected only to the members of that community, not other places, because the target of the misfortune was those deniers.

Thus, the misfortunes that hit the tribes were specific for those tribes; the misfortunes coming from the sky or the earth were not observed in the places outside those regions.

The same thing was valid for the nation of Nuh. What is meant by misfortune here is the destruction of deniers. When that is the purpose of the misfortune, it is more appropriate in terms of wisdom and reason that Noah’s Flood was limited to Mesopotamia, Makkah and Madinah, and their surroundings, where the nation of Nuh lived.

There is no logical reason why the misfortune suffered by the nation of Nuh should occur all over the world. It was the people of Noah who opposed the commands of Allah. It is normal that the misfortune hit only them.

It is not reasonable for such a flood to have happened in the other parts of the world where no human beings lived. Therefore, it was not possible for Hz. Nuh to deal with animals living in other places. For, it was not likely for Hz. Nuh to think about how to put a worm living under the ground, a wolf living on the mountain and a fish living in the sea into the ship in a very short time when there was a struggle to be saved from death. Besides, it is not possible to keep and preserve wild animals at such a time.

It was such a moment that everyone was looking for a place to escape. Water was coming down from the sky and gushing from the ground. Houses and streets were flooded with water. People were looking for a place to escape. The Holy Quran states that Nuh’s son did not embark the ship, and that Nuh made an effort to make his son embark the ship. In other words, it was not time for people to think of parrots, monkeys or oxen in the African jungles when their relatives and beloved ones did not embark the ship. Besides, there was no need for it. They just took a pair of the domestic animals that were available and that would be useful in the places where they would go. It was not appropriate and logical to take wild animals to the ship according to the occurrence of the event.

1.For detailed information regarding the issue, see Maurice Bucaille’s book “Müsbet İlim Yönünden- Tevrat, İnciller ve Kur’an”. Translated by Asst. Prof. Mehmet Ali Sönmez. Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı Yayınları, 7th impression. Ankara, 2001.   

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