Question 45: According to evolutionists, the taste of fruits is nice because the ancestors of humans had to live on trees and eat those fruits. They got used to their taste and find them nice. What is the truth about it?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Answer: Can people not get the taste of fruits when they are created directly as human beings? Do you need to be an animal first to know what taste the fruits have? What kind of logic and way of thinking is this? Evolutionists who put forward this claim do not hesitate to tell any lie that comes to their mind to deny Allah.

The number of fruits and vegetables created for humans is unlimited. People benefited from the fruits that grew naturally in the first periods. Over time, some of them were developed through grafting.

Say to both your own soul and those who put forward that claim; It is not so much important for animals for the fruit to be delicious. It eats both a leaf and a bitter fruit to fillits stomach. The universe was actually created for us, human beings, with its vineyards, mountains, orchards, fruits and vegetables. Allah created us, human beings perfectly and put all the universe under our command. He gave us the best eyes so that we would benefit from all beauties of the universe. He placed a tongue in our mouth so that we would enjoy everything we ate, and mind in our head so that we would contemplate our creation. He sent us a book and a prophet as a guide so that we would know Him. I will not listen to your philosophers, but listen to that guide and the book, and act upon it. Thus, I will thank my Lord for creating me as a human being and for putting all beings and blessings under my command.

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