Question 21: Although we are perfect beings, we go to toilet unnecessarily. What is the reason for it?

The Answer

Dear Brother / Sister,

Answer: The perfection of man originates from the position of humanity, bestowed upon him by Allah as a grant. The fact that man has intellect and thought in this position gained him a position over all beings. Besides, because of his intellect, Allah accepts man as His addressee. Thus, man has reached the position of the most honored being on earth.

However, all these are not the values ​​that man attains through his own will and power. Man is weak andis in need of Allah for everything. The most obvious example of it is going to the toilet. You regard it unnecessary. Then, do not go to the toilet. If you cannot go to the toilet for two days, the whole question for you will be to remove the dirt in your bowels. You can have so much difficulty to meet this need that you will be willing to give your whole wealth in return for defecating.

That is the weakness of man. He cannot do anything on his own. It is not within his power and will to digest the food that he eats and to use it in the most appropriate way, to dispose of the waste materials and to make his heart beat.

If man cannot control his own body, how can he have any effect on the outer realm? In other words, it is not within the will and power of man to make a sheep lamb, an apple tree blossom and yield fruit, make winter go and spring come, and make the day replace the night.

This weakness of man, who cannot even eliminate the need to go to the toilet, should be the greatest occasion for understanding the deeds of the will and power of Allah in the universe.

It is one thing that man was created in the most beautiful and perfect way as a human being, and it is another thing that his needs are met by Allah. In other words, man is too weak to meet his needs. It is the greatest honor for him to leave conceit aside and bow down and prostrate before Allah.

What a great ingratitude it is for man not to praise and thank Allah, who realizes all the activities in his body and puts the universe at his disposal, in the face of His grace generosity, grants and treats, to forget and to abandon worshipping, which is the greatest praise, required by being His servant.

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