Is it permissible to wear a necklace that has written "Allah" or some Qur'anic "Aayahs (verses) on it"?

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I have a locket of the word Allah written in arabic and another one with Aayatul-kursi written on it. But I can rarely wear them because some people say you can't wear such a thing everywhere and you need to take them off while going such places such as toilet. Is it true? And isn't it similar with wearing taweez because people never take off their taweez while going to toilet. What is the difference between wearing taweez and such accessories?
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If a person goes to the toilet with a ring on which the name of Allah or the Prophet is written, he should hide his ring. If the ring is on his left hand, he should remove it when he cleanses himself. (Ibn Abidin, V, 317). Accordingly, a person who has a necklace on which the name of Allah is written can go to the toilet by covering the name or turning the back of the necklace. There is no difference between wearing it and a himala (piece of paper containing verses from the Quran or prayers and wrapped usually in the form of a triangle). The himala includes prayers and verses. 

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