"Prophets are buried where they die." Is this statement a hadith?

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- If it is a hadith, why are prophets buried where they die?

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The Companions talked about where to bury the dead body of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Various views were put forward about the place of his grave: "Let us bury him in the Mosque, in the Cemetery of Baqi, next to the pulpit in the Mosque, next to the log of the date tree in the direction of the qiblah, in the place where prayers are performed, etc." (Ibn Ishaq, 4/314; Ibn Sa'd, 2/292)

However, he was buried in the room where he passed away based on the following hadith:

“Allah does not take the soul of a prophet in any place except where He wants him to be buried.” (Bayhaqi, Dalailun-Nubuwwa, 7/259-261; Suyuti, Khasaisul-Kubra, 2/278; Siratu Ibn Hisham, 4/271)

The hadith also explains the wisdom behind the prophets’ being buried in the places where they pass away. Allah wished it to be so and took the soul of the Prophet (pbuh) where he would be buried.

(see M. Asım Köksal, İslam Tarihi, Köksal Yayıncılık: 8/322-324)

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