Did Hz. Aisha prevent Hz. Hasan from being buried next to the Prophet?

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Is it true that when people wanted to bury Hz. Hasan next to the Prophet (pbuh), Hz. Aisha placed some archers there to prevent this? If it is true, how can it be explained?
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Hz. Hasan, who lived in Madinah for ten years, (Dhahabi, Siyar A'lamin-Nubala, Beirut 1406/1986, III/246, 264) sent somebody to Hz. Aisha when his death approached to tell her that he wanted to be buried next to the Prophet. Hz. Aisha accepted it. Thereupon, Hz. Hasan said to his brother,

"When I die, ask permission from Hz. Aisha to bury me next to the Prophet. I received permission from her beforehand. She did not reject me. Maybe she felt shy and did not reject. If she allows, bury me in her house. However, I think Sons of Umayy will not allow it. If they oppose, do not struggle against them. Bury me in the cemetery of Baqi."

When he died, Hz. Husayn went to Hz. Aisha and talked to her. Hz. Aisha said about Hz. Hasan's will, "I will gladly accept it." (According to Ya'qubi, Hz. Aisha opposed to it severely. (Ya’qubi, II. 225) However, nobody except Ya’qubi puts forward this claim.

When Marwan and Sons of Umayyad were informed about it, they said, "By Allah! He can never be buried next to the Prophet (pbuh)." Hz. Husayn was informed about it. He and the people near him took their weapons.

Hz. Abu Hurayra saw the graveness of the situation and first said it would be cruelty to prevent Hz. Hasan from being buried there. Then, he went to Hz. Husayn and talked to him in order to dissuade him. He reminded Hz. Husayn about his brother’s will and that he said, "If you fear that mischief will occur, bury me in the cemetery of Baqi." Hz. Husayn feared that mischief would occur and buried his brother in the cemetery of Baqi, where many Companions were buried.

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