Zaynab bint Huzayma (r.anha)

Hz. Zaynab was married to Tufayl bin Harith. When Tufayl divorced her, she married Ubayd bin Harith, Tufayl's brother. Hz. Ubayd died due to the wound he received at the Battle of Badr after the battle. Thus, Hz. Zaynab became a widow.

Hz. Zaynab was very generous. She always helped the poor and the needy;she treated them compassionately and mercifully. She was like that before becoming a Muslim, too. Therefore, she was nicknamed “Umm’l-Masakin,” (The mother of the Poor) during the Era of Jahiliyya.

The Prophet married this generous Companion, whose husband sacrificed herself in the way of Allah, in the 3rd year of the Migration in order to console her.

Hz. Zaynab became very pleased when she was included among the wives of the Prophet. However, her coupling with the Prophet lasted very short. She died three months after her marriage with the Prophet. She was about 30 years old then. The Prophet led her janazah prayer. She was buried in the cemetery of Baqi.

May Allah be pleased with her![1]


[1] Tabaqat, 8: 115-116; Usdu'l-Ghaba, 5: 466.

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