Is the prayer of a man invalidated if his waist is opened in prayer? I am very tall; therefore, my waist is opened in prayer no matter what I wear. Is it regarded as an excuse?

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The parts of the body that are fard for men to cover in prayer are the parts between the navel and the knees. Prayer is not invalidated when the waist is opened. However, it is necessary not to open the part below the line of the navel.

If less than one fourth of the organ that is regarded as awrah is opened, prayer is not invalidated. If more than one-fourth is opened, the prayer is invalidated.

If awrah place is opened in prayer and if it is covered immediately, the prayer is not invalidated. If it is covered after waiting as long as saying “subhanallah” three times, the prayer is invalidated.

The place that is opened must be covered using only one hand. The deeds that are done with two hands are regarded as amal kathir and they invalidate prayer.

If more than one-fourth of the organ that is regarded as awrah is opened in prayer, the prayer is invalidated; therefore, it becomes necessary to perform that prayer again.  

If an organ of a person bleeds so much as to invalidate wudu, the prayer is invalidated and it becomes necessary to perform that prayer again.

Therefore, it is necessary to act carefully so as not to allow awrah places to be opened in prayer and it is necessary to be dressed in such a way as to prevent awrah places from being opened until the prayer ends.

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